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TTC Waiting Room!

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bebejones Tue 18-Aug-09 09:43:47

Anyone else agreed to wait until later this year or New Year to TTC?

I have a DD age 1(just) and know I couldn't manage with 2 under 2. Plus under huge financial strain atm. End of the year will bring massive improvements so have agreed to wait til then to TTC #2! Plus we have only small 'windows' of oppurtunity as we don't want a baby in certain months...weird I know, and that will prob go out of the window when we start TTC!!!! I'm a big time planner so am plotting when I can do the deed already!!

Please don't let me be alone in waiting! The next 4 1/2 months are going to be torture, I'm surrounded by newborns and PG friends/relatives!! Really need somewhere to sound off and count down!!

AlisonRuth Sat 22-Aug-09 14:34:42

Not in quite the same position, but can appreciate the roller coaster of emotions in waiting to TTC! I'm hoping to start TTC #1 in a month or so, but husband and I have so far agreed to start TTC last Jan, then this June and still haven't! I know my husband really does want kids, but he's a bit happier to wait longer then me and also get's more worried about the impacts, particularly financial, so keeps chickening out. So, we'll see what happens next month - I'm trying not to get hopes up as I really don't want to presure him, but also really want to get cracking (as it were!).

I have times were it's OK and I don't think much about it, and other days were it seems every woman I see is preg and it's all I can think off. How about you? Hope this week's been a good one!

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