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hormone imbalances....

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munz Fri 27-May-05 11:00:00

has anyone had a sucessful PG with one?

sparkly Fri 27-May-05 11:08:21

Munz - I've got an enlarged pituitary gland that leads to on again off again imbalances - does seem to vary greatly. I've had one successful pg and a m.c. What type of imbalance are you referring to?

cuzziemummy Sat 28-May-05 19:43:36

Yes we have two sweethearts now - but only after balancing my hormones with herbs, nutrition etc etc Foresight is a charity that will help you find someone in your area that specialises in this - they have a 78% success rate!

munz Mon 30-May-05 08:45:44

I had a lump on my putity gland as a child and put on superfact, basically I had a huge lump of the female sex hormone on there, and next to no male. am having an MRI to confirm all is oK now, already had one M/C...

but today I have a v v faint BFP!!!

munz Tue 31-May-05 08:59:36

thanks girls for ur help, Im hoping this beanie manages to stick althou DH is telling me not to get so excited bout it just incase. (althou it's hard!)

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