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OPKs and pregnancy?

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lumpasmelly Sun 16-Aug-09 15:05:35

hi all! i was wondering if any of you experienced BDs can help with this question. I did an OPK a couple of weeks ago (well - it was not last sunday but the sunday before in the AM - so just over 14 days ago) and it was positive. Hubby and I did lots of BDing around the time, and as of today there is still no sign of AF....however I have had period like cramping for the poast few days, so it feels like I SHOULD be having it! Does anyone know whether or not it is too early to test whether or not i am pregnant? I can't remember how soon after a positive OPK result that you are supposed to ovulate, and therfore when I am "officially" late.....I suppose I could just go and get a test and test anyway, but I was trying to be good, and only test when I REALLY thought that AF was well and truly late!!!! (masochistic, I know, but I did go through a phase of spending a fortune on early response pregnancy tests and I promised my husband I would control the habit!!!) I have an irregular cycle BTW, so the fact that today is day 32 could mean nothing as my cycle varies between 30 and 34 days!!!

makemineamagnum Sun 16-Aug-09 21:56:51


When I was using OPK's the box said that when you got a + you would ovulate in the next 48hrs. Yours might be different but it gives you an idea. If you buy the expensive ClearBlue predictor pg test you can test from 4 days before your AF is due or if you buy FirstResponse you can test from 6 days before.
Go and buy a test!!

lumpasmelly Mon 17-Aug-09 14:58:15

I did!....and got a BFP!!! hurray!!!!

Lulubee Mon 17-Aug-09 14:59:40

Hurray!! Very pleased for you!

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