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Egg Donation

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OnlyWantsOneWantsAnother Sat 15-Aug-09 08:55:29

How does some one donate eggs?

EldonAve Sat 15-Aug-09 09:12:34

info here

xSusie Sat 15-Aug-09 10:09:19

Hiya - it's Susie (have started a thread below). Egg donation is not easy - it's like going through IVF. You go to a fertility clinic (usually the one that the egg recipient is at) and after several blood tests and counselling you take drugs to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs (this is what happens in IVF). Then the eggs are removed in a minor procedure under sedation (can't be that bad as I've been through it 10 times). Then the eggs are mixed with the sperm of the recipient couple and a few days later the embryos go back into the recipient mother.

In Europe egg donors are allowed to be paid for the inconvenience. Here the law is different as it is guarding against exploitation of women (ie women selling eggs if they need the money). So in this country you can only pay a donor up to £250 for her travel expenses.

So in this country when women need eggs they either get on a plane to Europe where you can recruit a donor and pay her appropriately or they use the 'egg share' scheme. This is where someone who needs IVF themselves but can't afford the cost donates half of their eggs in return for free or greatly reduced treatment.

Egg share is common in UK fertility clinics but there is still a wait of several years at most fertility clinics as so many people need eggs. This is why women (like me) try to find someone to share with via advertising. Susie

OnlyWantsOneWantsAnother Sat 15-Aug-09 13:22:54

It's only because I was loooking into donating eggs, I'm 22 - I have a daughter already, I dont want to have any more children for a few years - and was looking at it as a possibility

xSusie Sat 15-Aug-09 14:59:29

Dear OnlyWantsOne
See my thread below entitled 'miscarriage of twins' if you are thinking about donating. Susie

OnlyWantsOneWantsAnother Sat 15-Aug-09 15:06:04

to be honest, thats what made me ask about donating. I have been thinking about it for a while, DP and I have even discussed it - my sister and some of my older friends had reall trouble TTC their DC - and it made me think that if I could do some thing to help, then I should

Didnt want to ask on your thread though as it seemed a little insensitive

xSusie Sun 16-Aug-09 09:36:12

Someone has directed you to the website of the National Donation Gamete Trust (words may be in the wrong order!) - but you can also have a look at how fertility clinics describe it as they tell you what process you have to go through. The Lister Hospital (one I am at) has the largest egg share/donation programme in the country. If you google them they explain what's involved on the practical side.

I have thought about going to another clinic where you sit on a waiting list for maybe a year before a donor/egg sharer appears but...ten rounds of IVF takes it out of you mentally and physically. So I've decided it would be best for me and my DP if we stick with the Lister. But because they are so good, their waiting list is now several years long.

If you have been thinking about donating, you can do it at any fertility clinic anywhere. They are all pleased to meet an altruistic donor but if I were you I would want to go to a place where I knew the chances of success to the recipient were high. You can donate eggs, but the clinic has to be one of the leaders in IVF for you to be fairly certain that your eggs may produce a baby for someone.

The HFEA is the regulator for fertility clinics. You can see the statistics for all the different clinics on there (if you wanted to). That's what took us to the Lister as the Lister are the best. But even they can't use their skills and magic to get babies out of 'old' eggs!!!! And clearly after 10 goes of trying and suffering the trauma of miscarrying twins late in pregnancy I'm giving up on my eggs! Susie

OnlyWantsOneWantsAnother Sun 16-Aug-09 09:46:37

How would I donate my eggs to one particular couple?

xSusie Mon 17-Aug-09 07:28:47

You tell the clinic who it is you want to donate to. Anyone (ie me!) who is looking for an egg donor or sharer has a special reference number which you quote to the clinic so even if there were a patient with the same name (in big clinics this happens) you get tied immediately to that person in the record system.

Then you donate wholly for that person. There is one scenario where that can't happen. One blood test is for CMV. CMV is a virus that most are exposed to in their life so will be 'positive' - I am positive. Most clinics will look to match the donor and recipient.

If for any reason someone like you came through to help someone like me and we didn't match on CMV, then the clinic would ask if you would be prepared to donate anonymously to the donor pool and the day you donated to the pool they would match me with someone with the right CMV status. However, usually this is not an issue as most people are CMV positive. Does this help? You may be asking just out of interest, but if you are considering helping me personally let me know and I'll give you the name and number of who to speak to and my reference number. Susie

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