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Question about progesterone level...

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seanybosmummy Fri 14-Aug-09 10:04:03


Does anyone know what level of progesterone on a 21 day test would indicate ovulation has occurred?

Myself and dp have been ttc #2 for 16 months. I had regular 30 day cycles until a few months ago, and in May i had a progesterone test carried out. The level came back as below 2,but then my period didn't arrive for 4 weeks, so the test was therefore pointless.

I used opks this cycle and got a positive on day 19, and had another progesterone test carried out on day 23. i rang for the results on weds and was told the progesterone level was 19.2.

I was on holiday when i rang for the results and am ringing today to make an app with my gp to discuss it,but i just wondered if anyone has experienced this or has any advice?


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