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Pill Forgetting vs Poss Pg confusion! Help!

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CHW Thu 13-Aug-09 18:53:19

Hopefully someone out there can help with this one...

I am on the pill, except, due to our conversations about wanting to try for a baby (usually after something - birthday, friends wedding and so on to help with the cutting back of the booze) I have been a bit crap about remembering to take it (after 18 years of NEVER forgetting!.) DH knows this too, by the way and perhaps it's a subconsious thing on both our parts.

Anyway, to cut a short story long, I thought I was going to have a period two weeks ago and had a tiny bit of dark blood (sorry if TMI!) but then nothing. I would normally have a period for about 3 to 4 days and am generally very regular. I have no other symptoms so feel silly doing a test, but am now wondering (as now stopped the pill - have been for 10 days or so) when or if there is a better time to concieve - so we can avoid it if we want to! And how would you work this out if your cycle has gone weird like mine seems to have done. Or, also, if it is possible to be pg but have no symtoms when it is very early.

These are probably schoolgirl level questions (which I sure am not!) but if you've never done this kind of thing it's not something you automatically know!

Have not mentioned this to DH as it seems very unlikely generally so would only want to if it seems more feasible before we start buying tests and getting all excited / starting to panic.

MamaKaty Fri 14-Aug-09 08:02:03

Have a look at the excellent information on 'conception' in the blue bar at the top of this page - there's lots of information there about when to have sex if you are (or are not) trying to get pregnant.
If you had been taking your pill during the time before your missed period, it is unlikely that you are pregnant, however if you had missed taking any of your pills during that last month then I would recommend you do a pregnancy test. You can pick them up quite cheaply on ebay or in Tesco.
Try not to get too excited or panicked about the result - but it's best to know!!

Good luck though and I hope you get the result you want. If you're not pregnant this time though I would recommend thinking and talking about this decision rather than deciding on a whim!! Having a baby is a big life change and you need to both be ready!

Good luck

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