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Worrying needlessly?!

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Pippinn Thu 13-Aug-09 15:44:46


Is it just me or does anyone else worry about conceiving around Oct-Nov time as then the baby would be born in July-August and would be the youngest in their school year? I'm actually considering holding off TTC until January to ensure it doesn't happen but does it really make a difference? I imagine that when they start school it might do as a few months at that age can do, but I imagine later on it doesn't matter too much.

Is this just an issue I worry about or does anyone else?

And ofcourse, it goes without saying that babies don't come along just because it's a convenient time and I'm undoubtedly worrying over nothing, but it does keep popping into my head.

(We haven't actually officially started TTC yet although I came off the pill at the end of June and we aren't always being 'careful' although mostly we are as we still need to 'officially' agree that we want to get started trying for baby number 2!)

Pinkjenny Thu 13-Aug-09 15:47:22

I worried about ttc in April in case I ended up with a Christmas baby. I decided that I couldn't let that stop me, and am due on New Years Eve!

Wouldn't change a thing though. smile

UmBongo Thu 13-Aug-09 17:00:32

I just want another baby!!!!!

I am a july baby, but don't remember it being a problem at school, just that my birthday came at the start of the school holidays, unlike my brother's which is early sept, so he often had to go back to school on his birthday! (he didn't like that!! smile)

HeadFairy Thu 13-Aug-09 17:03:35

I wouldn't hold off... firstly you never know how much time it might take you, and for me every month counted...

secondly, I'm a late July baby and it never did me any harm I was quite proud to tell everyone I did my O levels at 15 and A levels at 17 (albeit with birthdays not long afterwards )

FWIW like PinkJenny, I didn't avoid April time when ttc as I'd had two mcs back to back and was gagging to get on with it, and I'm due on Christmas day! Can't think of a nicer due date to be honest.

mampam Thu 13-Aug-09 17:03:46

TBH yes I have thought about that.

Will cross that bridge when I get there.

Got a holiday in September so I'm hoping that that might spur things on in the TTC department!!

Pippinn Thu 13-Aug-09 22:24:51

I know you're all right really.

I suppose I'm just not 100% sure that we're ready to get going properly with TTC although if I did get pregnant we'd be happy - think it's just actually having to make the decision that's difficult as there's always a reason to hold it off a bit longer. One minute I think it's a great idea, then a few days later I've changed my mind and have found another reason to put it off for a bit!

Headfairy - what a nice Christmas present for you and your family.

Mampam and Umbongo good luck with TTC

Pinkjenny - a lovely way to start the year!

Thanks everyone - maybe we should just get on with it, I know we would never regret it and it might take a bit longer second time around...

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