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Any Advice Please

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Bel44 Thu 13-Aug-09 15:17:55

Hi l am a mum of three.
My last child was born 11 years ago by ELC then l was sterilized.

But l feel like l am now pregnant, my boobs have doubled in size and sore on the ends, l also have the little white ducts on the ends of my nipples. I have had that sucking in feeling in my stomache and it keeps going hard. My partner and daughter both say my stomache shape has changed and looks pulled in from my belly button.

I am usually heavy and my last real period was in june, where l have to wear 2 night time pads together because of how heavy l am.

July l just had a slight bleed nothing like my usuall and l could wear one pad for 2-3 days.

Done 2 tests last week which showed negative done another 2 days ago and had faint second line (clear blue).

Went a saw Dr last week not my normal one as he is on holiday, but she just tested me for water infection, which came back clear, she didnt seem interested, because l have been sterilized felt she couldnt get me out of the room quick enough.

Anyone else had these feelings and what was the outcome.


mampam Thu 13-Aug-09 15:27:27

I haven't been sterilised but I'm sure I've read a thread before where the OP had been sterilised yet then got pregnant.

IMO and I may be wrong, a faint line on a HPT ( especially clear blue) would indicate that you are pregnant.

How would you feel if you are?

Bel44 Thu 13-Aug-09 17:10:03

Hi mampam,

Thankyou for replying to my post.
Well after the initial shock, have now got used to the idea, and would be sad now if l wasnt.
My daughter is very excited. My partner l am with is younger then me and never had any children of his own, so it would be nice for him.

As l said above l went to the Dr's last friday but she didnt seem interested as l also have PCOS, and Endometriosis.

But l must say l do feel different.

My GP is back next week so will go and see him.

Take care

mampam Thu 13-Aug-09 17:27:13

That's awful that a GP would treat you like that. You'll probably be able to relate more to your usual GP anyway.

Have you tested again since a couple of days ago?

Things have a habit of happening for a reason and like you say it will be nice for your DP to have a child of his own.

Good luck and keep posting cos I want to know the outcome! smile

Bel44 Thu 13-Aug-09 17:35:36

I havent done another test since the faint line positive. Maybe at the weekend or next week, not due my period till 26 this month. Wonder if the GP would want to wait to see if l get it before he test me.

But will let you know the outcome.

Bel44 Mon 24-Aug-09 21:21:32

Just an update l went and saw my GP last week and he is going to send me for a scan as he thinks l may have an ovarian cyst.

Just waiting for appointment now, ovarian cysts run in my family.

Also my AF started this morning, so now know l am not pregnant.

I wish everyone good luck with trying to conceive.

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