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Trying to conceive with irregular periods!

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Nancy10 Wed 12-Aug-09 17:09:51

I'm trying to conceive baby no2 and have irregular periods and do not usually have many symptoms. My daughter was conceived with clomid. I don't think my periods are as infrequent as they used to be. They range from being 1,2 or 3 months apart where as before they were twice a year if I was lucky! The other evening my husband was sitting next to me and he made a comment about how warm I was. I hadn't noticed it myself, this carried onto the next day and I'm not ill. Could this be an ovulation sign?
And has anyone else conceived naturally with irregular periods? How long did it take?

saladsucks Wed 12-Aug-09 23:16:55

Hi Nancy10. My periods were all over the place when trying to conceive my 2nd. We settled on trying every other day when I did not have my period. It only took a few months. We were both exhausted! But it worked for us (though in the end was v. hard to work out baby's due date!)
Hope that helps.

Karam Wed 12-Aug-09 23:41:14

Agree with salad sucks. I had iregular periods, approx 60 - 80 day cycles, but I fell first "month" trying. Didn't even bother trying to find out my fertile period... just made sure there was always a fresh supply smile.

One thing I have learnt is that irregular periods (or being subfertile as I technically am] does not necessarily mean that you canot conceive. HTH

Nancy10 Thu 13-Aug-09 10:37:01

Thanks for both of your replies. I feel much more positive!

YanknCock Thu 13-Aug-09 10:50:46

Your temp goes up after ovulation, so noticing that you are warm won't help much. You'd need to be checking your waking temp at the same time every day to confirm a temp rise.

I have PCOS and had irregular periods after stopping the pill four years ago. I got pregnant twice without fertility drugs, but I did use other stuff the first time like Agnus Castus, lots of vitamins and supplements recommended by the PCOS Diet Book by Collette Harris.

I did temperature charting and watched cervical mucus carefully, and after a while I got better at recognising when I might be ovulating. It didn't happen every cycle, and my cycles were long, but keeping close tabs on everything helped me see that on average my cycles were getting shorter and I was ovulating more times than the previous year.

My ExH never wanted to have sex, so basically the first two years off the pill were a bust. DH2 and I stopped using birth control and following that it took a year to get pregnant (sort of trying for the last 6 months of that year). I miscarried, but got pregnant again 3 months later and am due in less than two weeks.

mampam Thu 13-Aug-09 11:04:12

I have irregular periods. I usually have a short cycle (4-5 weeks) and then a longer cycle (6-7weeks). I have absolutely no idea when I ovulate. I thought I knew but when I've use OPK it was negative. Really can't be doing with all the testing and temperature taking so have reverted to plan B which is bonking every 2-3days!!! DH is enjoying himself and certainly isn't complaining although like saladsucks we are finding it pretty exhausting at times but it's still fun so I'm not complaining!

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