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losingallhope Wed 12-Aug-09 00:07:07

have been TTC for nearly 3 years and had one MC. Now on clomid since March started on 50mg but Prog only coming back at 12 BUT finally on 150mg have level of 32.
How long will they keep me on it, I'm 35 and worried that this is my last chance...but then what?Any success stories on long term clomid? Need your wisdom! x

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 12-Aug-09 00:41:23

You are usually on clomid for a maximum of six months after which time other treatments should be tried.

Clomid is usually prescribed if there are problems with ovulation.

Do you have a diagnosis of the underlying problem, have both of you been tested?.

losingallhope Wed 12-Aug-09 08:31:35

No definite diagnosis but my consultant is really good, have had a laproscopy and that's all fine, had scan and there was a follicle growing. All sounds positive but think last month was the first where my progesterone was high enough to conceive.

My husband is 28 and as he is fit and well,I had a miscarriage Dr said he is in good health and we need to sort me out. Just got 3 more months on clomid,will just have to try very hard....horrid that it becomes a biological challenge!

Presumabley if I am then sorted they need to check him which am getting paranoid about now but will just have to wait. Fingers crossed it won't come to that. I'm a nurse and there are 3 sisters on our ward the other two are pregnant and younger than me. I am really happy for them but feel quite unlucky. Good to talk to people that understand. Thanks for your advice.

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