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Ovulating twice, +ve sign, Or am I just wierd? : 0/

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1LittlePrincess Tue 11-Aug-09 20:21:04

Hi all thanks for any help in advance.

Have been TTC for over a year now with 3 x BFP's sadly ending in early mc, I decided that fromnow on I owuldnt get bogged down with temp, checking cm,BD'ing on certain days etc.

However it would seem that my body likes me to be confussed and analyse its functions. Plus its quite hard not tp notice things when you have trainned yourself to for over a year.

Sorry got abit side tracked there...

Basically this is 2nd cycle after lst mc (6 wks)CD10-13 had ewcm, very stringy, what I thought was Ov pain so assumed that I had OV early as normally around CD 16.

Light pinky bleed when wiping on CD 20

Now on CD29 (UCL 32) have loads of very strigy ECM AGAIN, twingy pains in right side like OV.

What is going on?? I have vowed not to do this, and looking into things etc. Was just going to ignore it until AF was noticibly late but I cant its driving me loopy smile

Thanks x

1LittlePrincess Tue 11-Aug-09 20:24:10

Would also like to say a advanced sorry for the spelling and gramma mis-haps

Sorry <<<<1LP flutters her eyes and then runs, smaking herself on the head>>>>

sky27 Tue 11-Aug-09 22:18:33

Don't know for sure but but I read that you can have ewcm before ov and then about a week later and that is normal smile hope it helps.

IDreamOfJeannie Tue 11-Aug-09 22:48:13

It's fairly normal to get EWCM just before you period. I do nearly every month

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