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Cramps B**ping Cramps

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Ladylou83 Tue 11-Aug-09 16:14:41

Can anybody help me?

Normally AF comes with a few cramps then goes as soon as she goes. However this month, AF has gone but cramps have remained, and they are bloody painful.

I have never had cramps once AF has gone, not until the last few days of cycle. Last month was very crampy too, from about 3 weeks in. I had 1 BFP, then nothing and AF came.

Any thoughts on this? Am I just panicing?

pmk1 Wed 12-Aug-09 07:31:25

you had a +ive test? Then A/F? So do you mean you had a m/c or was that a typo? I always get cramps with A/F and then cramps on the day I'm O'ing and it's pretty clear, but other than those times I'm not sure there should be any cramping unless your pg as for me I got cramps in early pg last time

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