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Please help, I'm so confused

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Passdevino Mon 10-Aug-09 20:09:43

Hi there, I'm not TTC but had to come off pill for medical reasons 5 months ago and was stupid this last month. AF was due 28 July, didn't come. Had reg periods for last 2 mnths but irregular before then. Sorry if TMI, but I then felt my cervix which seemed in prime position for AF to start, and there was some blood around cervix, but AF didn't come. Had v.v. faint pos test on 29, went to GP on 30 as v. upset by this (already have 2 dcs and think family complete). Was referred to abortion clinic for 3 Aug, they did scan - nothing, thickening in uterus but they said v. likely due to period being late - they did urine preg test at hospital and came back negative. Dr told me to be on safe side, do another test in a week or 2, but 'v. rare the hospital test wld be wrong'. Did an Early Bird home test tonight, faint positive, but it seemed cheap (water seemed to have leaked into the test window). Currently cervix is pointy, low, not much CM and I feel a bit tearful, bloated and spotty which is PMS for me. Help - am I within rights to go back to GP at this stage or is it too early, or should I do digi CB test? Desperate to know before kids realise me and DH stressed. Thanks.

Prosecco Mon 10-Aug-09 20:19:06

Do the digi test before you stress yourself out any more. Hope you get the result you want.

tobago04 Mon 10-Aug-09 20:24:13

I would do digi CB test in the morning and if it is positive go back to your doctors with the test,really feel for you,i know the pill can mess up your cycles so hopefully it is just that,good luck and let us know how you get on

Passdevino Tue 11-Aug-09 17:34:46

Thanks a lot, the digital test was positive, GP then did a test which was also positive. Got really confusing then, though...the clinic in our area that offers counselling is only open certain days of week, today was one of them, so GP arranged for me to go down and arrange some counselling for myself and DH. But they did a scan and they couldn't see anything. They took some blood and I have to call them on Thurs to find out the result. I don't know what they're testing for tbh. I had a friend with a blighted ovum and wonder if I have had that, hoping it is not something more sinister though. Don't know if I should post under miscarriages to see if anyone has any advice. The nurse was nice but she didn't really explain to me about the blood tests and stuff, and my other 2 pgs were entirely normal and didn't even detect them til week 9/10 so have never had a scan at 5 wks before. sad

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