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TTC number 2 and going mad !!!!!

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Elle01 Sun 09-Aug-09 20:22:47

TTC number two for the last 13 months and nothing ! Going slightly mad - feel like a fraud to even talk about " infertility" as I have a gorgeous boy but as each month passes it is getting harder to cope ! Is there anyone else out there going through this or has been here and found some way to keep your sanity ??

IDreamOfJeannie Sun 09-Aug-09 20:28:56

Yep me too. 13 months here too. It's shite. I'm generally not too stressed about it ATM, but went through a bad patch a few months ago

Have you been to your GP?

I went last month and had a blood test last week to see if I'm ovulating. Now just waiting for results.

BTW you're not a fraud - secondary infertility is a genuine problem, and can be just as hard to cope with as primary infertility.

skidoodle Sun 09-Aug-09 20:32:29

You are not a fraud at all, after 13 months it's understandable you have concerns.

Lilybunny Sun 09-Aug-09 21:26:03

Hi. This is my boat exactly. We have our beautiful dd (nearly 4) and we are 2 yrs into ttc child number 2. I had a mc in jan but we are still waiting. I had the blood tests and they look ok. It's dh's turn with the doctors at the moment. A friend of mine is having acupuncture for the same reason and I've decided to give it a go this month too. It is so hard. Everoyne keeps saying 'so will you have any more?' like we are putting it off. I wish they wouldn't ask. It makes me want to cry.

Elle01 Sun 09-Aug-09 22:35:48

We have both been back to the doctor and basics checked - everything came back ok ! Suggested a laporoscopy but asked that we wait until the end of the year ! I had tried accupuncture as I had read many positive reports - however chose the accupuncture person very carefully ! I had a very early MC in January and my doctor thinks that they where using the wrong sites during accupuncture ! I know these things do happen for a million reasons but it makes it even harder when I think it was something I chose to do may have contributed ! While I wouldn't want anyone else to experience any of this it is a relief and a comfort to know it's not just me - that this is normal for a lot of us !

lovechoc Mon 10-Aug-09 13:22:00

Another one here. Have been having unprotected sex with the intention of falling pg with baby no2. DS is 2, and I also keep getting the questions of 'when are you having another one?' It's very annoying. I feel like shouting, 'it's not my effing fault i'm not pg yet!'.
DH is of the opinion that it will happen in due course and to stop worrying, because that's why it's taking so long (vicious cycle isn't it).

Fingers crossed for everyone that it happens soon!!

lovechoc Mon 10-Aug-09 13:23:22

oops, meant to add been ttc since july 08, but haven't used contraception since july 07.

JJsandcat Wed 12-Aug-09 18:44:51

There is actually a word for it, something like secondary infertility or so. No advice, sorry. Just started ttc number 2 and kepping fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!

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