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Mid 30's TTC - you're my BESH mate you are..... <hic>

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triggerhappybaby Sun 09-Aug-09 17:00:50

We've taken delivery of a fine new sofa. Come and rest here grin

skihorse Sun 09-Aug-09 17:08:57

Plastic fanny? grin

Oooh yes nocoffee is proper diffed, not just suffering from the madness diffed.

SkaterGrrrrl Sun 09-Aug-09 17:11:57

<bursts through thread door in camo gear, hurling commands & expletives and locking & loading an M16>

Am I in the right thread?

Wine please!

Aerie Sun 09-Aug-09 17:42:54

<Slinks into new place> afternoon laideez! Wasn't sure if you'd still be in the old place seeing as we're a gobby chatty bunch!

I'm back from my hols, 'twas fantastic. I'm bloody knackered now though (was sea kayaking and camping), but still managed to SWI on a couple of occasions grin.

Seems like this months RTOD is a tsunami. Mine isn't due 'til next weekend, but seeing as it's only my first month of SWI and seeing as I have ZERO symptoms (those who have been successfully updiffed, did you feel anything a week in advance or was it only around RTOD day?), please can I reserve a spot at the bar as I think I'll be needing a mega drinking sesh.

Aerie Sun 09-Aug-09 17:52:13

Oh and I read said article in the Observer and agree with Longwee the only reason that I'm in this position is that I've been waiting for DH to finally to 'ready' sad it was always, "let's wait until next year", year after bloody year.

Of course now he's all enthusiastic and excited about it, but I don't think it's because he feels any more 'ready' I think it's because he's realized that time is running out and he's had to face up the realities of the situation. I only wish he'd done that around 4 years ago sad.

Scorpette Sun 09-Aug-09 18:00:45

Evenin', lovely Laydeez <slinks in, perversely dressed as a spivvy cad drag king, just for the hell of it> Can I buy any of you sexy BESHes a drink? wink

Nice to have you back Aerie - hope you've diffed but if not, try to get on your RTOD asap: all the cool chicks are emptying their useless wombs this weekend/week in unison grin

Well, my mum had seen through my questions about 'my friend's' symptoms of course and has been sympathising with me over RTOD & Observer piece (BTW, did they have to then have a 10 page special on cooking with children in the mag? Salt in the wound or wot?!). Have been cheered up by her telling me that when she and Dad say they got pg 'straightaway' with me and then my bro, they mean it only took them 3-6 months - NOT the first time TTC. Yay! Also said Gran had RTOD for first trimester when pg with her (aged 39*), so who knows what one's body can get up to. Good old Mum

Hmmmm, George Lamb's on telly. I would - Would you?

*My Gran, I mean - my mum wasn't 39 in the womb. That would've been... awkward.

NeedChoos Sun 09-Aug-09 19:39:10

Evenin' Ladies - The new place has a dress code - nice!!

Ski - how was the skiing?

Aerie - soz about the burnt knees - I get totally irrationally cross with myself for getting burnt. Nice bit of yoghurt will do the trick - you can have the 2 pots of strawberry in the fridge that I have been trying to palm off on Mr C. I hate fucking strawberry but you can't get a raspberry 4 pack with out the little beggers..[angery]

Truely a Rock and Roll Sunday today - checked out door paint at B&Q, then sat and listened to the band at the newly opened Victorian Bandstand on the sea front and then as if my heart could take ANY more excitement - went to Jamie Olivers new shop where you can pay to make your own pizza / have cooking lessons! Genius - annoying cockney git but genius...

Scorpette Sun 09-Aug-09 20:20:44

Oooh Choos, we went to that Jamie Oliver place when we were down there, but didn't make our own pizza or curry as was overrun by kids with names likes Jonquil and Ambrosia (I kid you not). Bloody great idea for a place, though. I've cooked all day in my own kitchen - praps unconsciously trying to make myself so fat I look pg? hmm

SkaterGrrrrl Sun 09-Aug-09 20:24:18

Your holiday sounds good Aerie!

triggerhappybaby Sun 09-Aug-09 21:13:26

I read a book on holiday where one of the characters got pregnant and I genuinely automatically assumed it would end in failure hmm

I can't actually process the concept of anyone carrying a baby to term, it does not compute. So congrats nocoffee (you big FRAUD!!) grin

ginhag Sun 09-Aug-09 21:16:19

Yo yo fuckin yo.

Welcome back triggerslappergravy and hairyaerie.

Comisserations (fuck can't spell tonight) to all those floating on the crimson tide.

scorp wish I hadn't gone to the 'mani' name thread I bloody hate name threads (gave up discussing names even with close friends) and now those people are annoying I'm not going back.they are wrong,I am right,simple really grin

re George lamb. Nah,I actually wouldn't,only cos I've listened to radio 6 for ages and didn't used to know what he looked like-based on his voice/inane chatter just not sexy at very handsome tho as I recently discovered so I get where you're coming from...

ginhag Sun 09-Aug-09 21:18:37

Oh yeah.

Pile of salt,lime wedges,bottle of tequila to christen the new gin joint (something yummy and less boozy for the upduffed and scorp)

can we get a bowling alley?

triggerhappybaby Sun 09-Aug-09 21:18:44

Welcome back from hols Aerie - just dump your suitcase down next to mine, I'll be taking up the washing machine for the next few days or so with my smalls (bigs?)

You sound likw you had a nice active time. I ligged on a sunbed for seven complete days in 38C heat. It was torture but just what the (gynae) doctor ordered. grin Whereabouts did you get to? You may already have said but I was too lazy to read through a week's worth of posts lol

cheggers Sun 09-Aug-09 21:47:29

ooh lolling about on a sunbed in the sun. sounds ace and is my exact plan for next week smile

got the "egg transfer" day earlier than expected so can now still fit in a portion of the hol i had to bin off for ivf.

yay for that! although v. expensive to book travel this late and have logistical nightmare working out how to transport refrigerated drugs (have worked out cunning plan with gel ice packs and thermos flasks. genius.) <roll eyes>

had a weird few days with (probably progesterone shot induced) sore boobs and evening sickness. bluegh. if that what's to come i'm not very good at it. i was actually off my food. and that has NEVER, i mean NEVER happened in my life shock

so anyway, they managed to fertilize 9 of the little blighters. dunno how they're doing now, that was a few days ago. hope some are still going strong hmm

find out (and hopefully get one back) in the morning <bites nails>

sorry about all the the RTOD sad here's to the next cycle eh girls?

<emits positive vibes via power of the internet, and just in case that fails gives everyone a slap for good measure>

triggerhappybaby Sun 09-Aug-09 22:02:13

<bites chegger's nails too> Good luck girlfriend

cheggers Sun 09-Aug-09 22:08:23

thanks. will keep you all posted.

although am having slight pangs of guilt sharing this stuff with internet gang whilst being decidedly cagey about it all with my real live mates.

they must think i'm turning into some weird antisocial hermit these days ... hmm

ginhag Sun 09-Aug-09 22:28:06

chEGG if you have any nails left I'll have a nibble for you...hope all goes well tomorrow <hearty punch to the jaw>

know what you mean about talking more on here about stuff than in Actual Real Life...but you know,it's a bit like fight club in here,you don't talk about it on the outside...(and we have brad pitt hanging about with his shirt off grin)

donttrythisathome Sun 09-Aug-09 22:28:30

9 eggs cheggers - amazing! What's the egg transfer <stoopid emoticon> . Is that when they put a fertilised egg in?

I had friends from home visiting, which was fantastic. But last night I sat in the pub with fecking tonic water while they got absolutely slaughtered. Then, like Cinderfuckingrella, I sloped off home at midnight to empty the dishwasher while they went "raving" down the beach until 4 in the morning.


Still they both have two kids, so shows ya life doesn't end - just when you're diffed that's all.

Sorry about the RTODs, maddening.

wildfig Sun 09-Aug-09 23:10:26

In new house which is lovely Victorian cottage, ie, has Aga and NO BROADBAND FOR A WEEK! argh. Am having to do all email on my iPhone which is bad enough but can't waste time browse the interweb anywhere near as much as normal. But am not diffed and the man is away working all week which I think will mean an eggfail. And I don't care much any more. Have gone through the Valley of recrimination and despair, into the 'oooh, so what? Look at my nice white house' Fields, where I understand you get up the stick the same week you sign a really expensive cheque for underfloor heating/new carpets/Grand Designs style extension to accommodate DINKY hobbies.

Loving the new BESH bar! Mine's a cider with a sloe gin chaser, pls. (possibly a Hereford house cocktail - a SAS-sy Lady?)

PS cheggers fingers crossed - have good feeling about your clutch of eggs!

wildfig Sun 09-Aug-09 23:16:42

Obv do not count hanging out at the BESH bar as time wasting. But am reclaiming large portions of my day by going cold turkey on the ludicrous "won't someone think of the children?!" AIBU threads. Or as ginhag so memorably put it IDGAFIYAUON.

Scorpette Mon 10-Aug-09 00:13:07

Hehe wildfig I love the 'won't somebody think of the children?' threads too. Am always tempted to assume false name and write really inflammatory shit on them just to wind up the Helen Lovejoys on there (she being the one on The Simpsons who always says WSTOTC). Although I did share a horrible tale of seeing a boy mangle his face off in a scooter accident when we were kids, on one earlier blush. Am loving your clever thinking about getting your Elle Decor on being the only way to ensure updiffing: get yourself a white suede sofa and it practically ensures an immaculate conception wink

PS Love the expression 'eggfail' - will be stealing that one. If the nerds can use 'fail' to mean stuff to do with computers and computers games, we pg-nerds can appropriate it for our BESHy obsessions grin

BTW, I apologise to everyone in here for my appalling wind <parp>. blush RTOD = HFOD (heinous farts of doom). What my excuse is the rest of the time, I do not know hmm

CheEGGers you're not the only one keeping schtum about the diffmania in RL. To tell people just means everyone will be wanting to know your eggy bidniz all the time and offering unhelpful anecdotes about appalling birth injuries sad or people who get pg when their husband so much as sees them in their undies angry or heartbreaking tales of infertility. sad Good news with the 9 eggs though <slaps ChEGGers round face with novelty rubber chicken for good egg-luck> Fingers crossed for tomorrow grin

Oi Brad, less weeping, more muscle flexing! There's no escape so get used to it... wink

Scorpette Mon 10-Aug-09 00:17:10

PS Hope that new sofa here in the Gin Palace is white suede... wink

extremesitting Mon 10-Aug-09 06:22:41

Morning Campers!

Loving the new BESH pad. Very clean, minimalist.. yah... me likey.

As you will note from the time, I am awake and online at an unreasonable hour. I have actually been sat here for an hour and a half already. Bloody sleeping issues.... I seem to be going through a faze of getting to sleep fine, then waking up at two or four in the morning, bright as a button and ready for the day ahead. Sounds cute, but by 11am I'm fit for my bed and very weepy. Not sure what got me this time.... might have been good but tactless buddy having her baby gurgle down the phone at me for ages straight after she pretty much said that there is something wrong with one of us (me and OH that is). She is known for her comedy tactlessness, but one would still hope something would kick in at some point to make her stop...

I don't like talking about anything with anyone in RL anymore. It appears I have become the person to avoid. I make them uncomfortable about their happiness and success. Spending my birthday with ladies aged 54 to 74 proves that things have rapidly gone downhill in extremes world. Fuck it!

ChEGGS I have a good feeling about your harvest. Good luck for today. How many of the little buggers will they put in at a time these days?

Right... those toast crumbs are not going to get trapped in my dressing gown all by themselves! I'll be back later with some bargain vintage Cava from Sainsbury's - you'll have to make do til I convince someone to gimme a job! x

extremesitting Mon 10-Aug-09 08:34:55

News just in : The Breakfast news on BBC1 has just announced that we are all f*ckd (apart from the up-diffed ones). They also said that half of infertility is down to men folk (that said, its still our fault), oh.... and apparently some people just can't have children. They never find out why. They just can't have them.

Well after that and my cheery chat yesterday my heart is truly warmed to the week ahead!

laurielou Mon 10-Aug-09 08:53:25

Morning ladeez!

Just had a quick skim over the weekend's happenings - welcome back from hols & manly back slaps to all of those with RTOD.

I'm feeling VERY unsteady today due to hangover from Sat / ear infection. Spent all of yesterday in bed, except for the time I spent with head down the toilet. I hate being sick. Managed to eat a bag of ready salted crisps.

Still feel dizzy today, so much so I'd been in work 5 mins when I slipped & fell on my arse in the toilets. Genius. So in Cagney & Lacey style drama I stomped around toilets, had a cry, then back to desk to start the day.

I haven't told a single person in RL about our TTC plans. The person I feel most guilty about is my mum! I'm really close to her & normally discuss everything. But she's some kind of white witch & seems to know EVERYTHING (very un-nerving at times) so I'm assuming she knows.

I also have an appointment next month at the fertility clinic. Yikes. What do they do? It a teaching hospital so I've been told there may be students too. Doctor said last person she referred didn't need the appointment as they were updiffed by the time the appointment arrived. Yikes again! So, is now the time to confide in mum? She'll be upset if she finds out I've been to hospital without telling her.

Oh hairy bollocks, I have a serious case of can't-be-arsed about it all today.

Loving the new decor, BTW. I'm going to slouch on sofa sipping water if no-one minds.

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