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43 and TTC

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suebee2b Fri 07-Aug-09 14:01:13

I'm 43 with DS and DD from a previous relationship. Have lovely new partner and would dearly like to make him a Daddy but we have been ttc for 11 months now. Just about to embark on investigations and tests and would like to hear from anyone who has been/is going through the same.

muchlove Fri 07-Aug-09 21:35:00

Hi There suebee

Yep I am at that ripe old age too (Grrhh)
Have 3 children who are all grown up now and was hoping for another little one.
Well charted 3 cycles did temp taking, had reflexology (amazing) and tried red clover tea with mint (quite enjoyed it)and got a BFP in June unfortunately have just had a miscarriage at 7weeks. So don't know if that is a consequence of my age or just bad bloody luck but it has been a craptime but I am aware of time running out so am already thinking about trying again. So gonna give myself a coupla weeks and then Im climbing back in the saddle.
By the way on the cycle I fell pg I had an FSH test which came back at 9 (average reading for my age)

Anyway good luck to you and I hope you get good news soon

Take Care x

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