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Talk to me about implantation bleeding please

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liahgen Thu 06-Aug-09 19:43:14

Hi I'm Liahgen and I am a TTC addict

<<sits down>>

So am on day 22 of 26 day cycle, thought af had arrived early but seems it was just some brown stuff and seems to have stopped now.

Am completely obsessed a bit eager to conceive and this is month 6 after early mc at Xmas.

Never had anything like implantation before in history of 8 pg's so am wondering if yu girls could share your experiences so that I can obsess put it into perspective.

Think I ov about 10/11 days ago.


whomovedmychocolate Thu 06-Aug-09 22:41:32

My implantation bleed occured 11 days post ovulation and carried on for five days but was much lighter and browner than normal. DS (the result) is one now.

Fingers crossed for you. Have you done a test?

liahgen Thu 06-Aug-09 23:14:20

did one 2 days ago <<saddo emoticon, far too early>> bfn

Googled (yes yes I know!!) and said don't expect bfp till about 3 days after implantation.

Aggghhh, will see if this goes on or if af arrives on Sunday as arranged.

11 days, that's encouraging. thanks.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 06-Aug-09 23:21:58

I would have expected to bleed 15 days post ovulation in my case btw and I got a positive test (albeit faint) the second day. Bon chance!

liahgen Thu 06-Aug-09 23:22:36


Divvy Fri 07-Aug-09 21:47:00

Hope this is it for you smile What the hell ((((liahgen))))

liahgen Fri 07-Aug-09 22:12:49

hey thanks Divvy.

If not will be missing a month as dh and I will be in 2 different places next month.

Hope you ok, how's the feeding going. Little A is still asking ever so nicely, but I have resisted.

Divvy Sat 08-Aug-09 09:26:10

I did think I was out this month as he had swine flu and was feeding alot more, and still is! hmm Dont know if that can affect ovulation, but still got positive opk.

If you havent spotted at tis time in your cycle before, I would think its a positive tthing. I would say if the spotting had any hint of ewcm with it, cover it with some deed-doing! Just incase wink

If this is your positive month, will you back to feeding again? As in theory you could. smile

liahgen Sat 08-Aug-09 15:49:08

I dunno, I was thinking that tbh but am a bit nervous about early loss. I was once told there's not much you can do to harm a healthy pg and if it's not, then it'd not be healthy anyway . Does that make sense? A doc told me that.

I'm guessing from all your signs that you seem to be ov well so wouldn't worry about fertility just yet, plenty on here testemant to that.

Unfortunately Dh has been away all week so no deed doing for us, he's back tomorrow. It was a bit wet tbh, (sorry far tmi, grin )

Hopefully you'll get a nice BFP, when you due/testing?

Divvy Sat 08-Aug-09 18:19:57

Yes thats makes perfect sense. If its a sticky nothing will shift it! I lost one in May, but know now it just wasnt ment to be and these things happen for a reason...

On a different note, I have had twangs from both ovaries this month, thats not happened before! shock

I will be testing Monday onwards, as I am 8dpo today. My temps are going up nicely, so thats a good thing, and proves I did Ov I suppose.

Do you use fertility friend charting? I will email you a link to my chart if you do.

londonlottie Sat 08-Aug-09 19:25:30

Message withdrawn

liahgen Sat 08-Aug-09 19:59:36

So did I london as i've had 8 pgs, 5 live births and never had it before. Here's hoping, due af tomorrow no signs of anything so will adopt wait and see approach,

divvy good temps are rising, Twins for double ov twangs?

No, I've looked at Fertility friend but can't really work it out tbh, I've put in my lmp so hade assumed ov days which coincided with EWCM so hopefully thats all good.

It's exhausting isn't it?

Divvy Sat 08-Aug-09 20:15:02

Temping although exciting the first month, then gets very boring! Do like doing the opk's.

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