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Feeling hot, hot, hot - anyone else actually feeling their temp shift?

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WorrisomeHeart Wed 05-Aug-09 18:46:25

Hi folks

An odd thing going on this month that I wanted some advice on - ever since my temp shifted 5 days ago, I have been actually feeling markedly hotter - the back of my neck and tummy feel like they're on fire. I've never noticed this before, although admittedly I've not taken notice before TTCing but it definitely didn't happen last month when I was charting.

Any thoughts, anyone else have this? Am I being daft thinking that this has to be a good sign (yes, yes I am...) grin

Ladylou83 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:18:26

I dont think your daft. grin

I swear I noticed it last cycle: Was comfortable the first 2 weeks then after that, had to have air-con on at work, couldnt sleep, the lot, and now back to normal.

WorrisomeHeart Thu 06-Aug-09 07:21:43

Thanks Ladylou, was it a BFP for you? My temp has lowered a bit this morning, but still about 7 days until AF is due (or so I thought!) So am more confused than ever!

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