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Anyone else out there (esp PCOS-ers) with ovulation pains? Have you always had them or did they start later?

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emeraldgirl1 Wed 05-Aug-09 18:09:22

I never used to have these, though tbh in my 20s I was so ludicrously out of touch with my cycle and didn't even have periods at all for years (I was on Depo Provera, contraceptive injection) that even if I'd been having them I probably wouldn't have noticed! Now am 32 and in the phase where I'm trying to get all my cards in order before TTC because I'm a total control freak I've been getting sharp cramp-like pains on both sides approx 2 weeks or 10 days before period is due. The thing is though that right now my cycle is irregular and my period does not then come on when it is due. But the pains fit in time-wise with what I think would be ovulation pains.

I'm due to have PCOS tests done in a couple of weeks time - though finding the right time to schedule those is a nightmare, as I don't know when AF will arrive so perhaps this might clear up a few things. Do PCOS sufferers get more ovulation pain than others? And has anyone else had this start later in life? Internet info (yeah, I know, I know) seems to imply that people have it from the time when they first start having their periods or not at all...

AliasSmithorJones Thu 06-Aug-09 08:24:25

I get the sharp crampy pains that I'm assuming are ovulation. My (normal) period varies from 26 days to 30+ days and the pain is always round about day 10 or 11 after the first day of bleeding from the previous. Am on mini-pill now and still get the pains, but often no period (YAY).

I can't say that I particularly noticed the ovulation pains when I was younger (am in my 40s now), but then ovulation wasn't really something I was interested in tracking and I spent most of my 20s on the combined pill, so no proper cycle to speak of. I became more aware/observant in my 30s when I was TTC. So hard to know if my pains came later in life, or if I just got better at knowing & caring what was happening to my body iyswim smile

can't answer if PCOS sufferers have more pain, cos don't have PCOS.

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