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Am I a broody freak?

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macaco Mon 03-Aug-09 11:22:53


Have a 16 mo DS and always planned a 3 year gap, so wouldn't be starting to ttc til at least next April ish. We really can't ttc before then for various reasons; professional, financial and personal and rationally I'm quite happy with that. Rationally the idea of being pregnant now (had HG with DS for first 16 weeks) is horrific and the thought of a newborn a bit scary too.....but but but
someone from work has just had a baby and it's making me feel sooooo broody and I have to say quite emotional. I've been lost in memories of when DS was tiny and looking at photos of him when he was wee. Which is ironic as the first 3 months or so were really really really hard (early, teeny baby with colic). What is wrong with me? Is this just normal? Does everyone get this? Will I feel like this every time someone i know has a baby forever more?

macaco Mon 03-Aug-09 11:57:55

bumping for other freaksgrin

Gem30 Wed 05-Aug-09 12:56:27

I'm a broody freak too! Also have 16 MO but getting very broody again. We're also planning on trying for no 2 next spring but I'm feeling a bit impatient.

I'm a bit concerned about not conceiving so quickly next time and I'd quite like three so my age is a consideration. We also have financial considerations but that doesn't stop me hankering after another baby...I just really feel I want to complete our family.

Top tip: Dont look at any pregnancy threads - thought it would remind me of the stress of it all but it just made me want the excitement again!

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