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Original first time frolickers - Dawn, Summer, MAF, Crunchynutter, Pistachio....

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heverhoney1 Sun 02-Aug-09 22:32:17

Flirty ... I could go on for ages you knoe who you all are.

I have been off line for a little bit and I seem to have lost you I miss you all we seem to have been through so much together.

Pop in, say hi and let me know how you all are!!!!

heverhoney1 Wed 05-Aug-09 13:48:37


PistachioLemon Wed 05-Aug-09 14:25:03

Hello! Hever, how are you honey?

heverhoney1 Sat 08-Aug-09 18:25:30

Well hellooo! my little un had her second lot of jabs on hurs and has been a bit grumpy but other than that all is well in hever land. How are you? what is going on with everyone the other threads are so fast moving i just cant keep up

BubbaP Sat 08-Aug-09 20:29:36

Hi girls!

Yay, I found you! I've been thinking of posting on the original thread over the last couple of weeks, but I don't know anyone on there now! I saw that Dawn had posted a message and I had planned to reply, so well done to Hever on starting this new thread!

I would LOVE to know how the babies and bumps are doing by now...!

I'm 30 weeks pregnant now! The time is really flying by! I have to say that I'm really enjoying being pregnant, although am starting to suffer a bit more from aches, pains & heartburn by now. We're really busy trying to sort the house out and buying stuff for our baby.

I've got 5 weeks left in work and then another 5 weeks until my EDD!

Hope you're all well, be really great to hear from you girls xxxxxx

heverhoney1 Sun 09-Aug-09 00:12:57

Ahhhh bubba thats soooo exciting!!! I have 1 top tip for you - TAKE PHOTOS you will so quickly forget how big you were and that this little person actually lived in there. xxx

heverhoney1 Tue 11-Aug-09 21:23:37

anyone else out there? Pistachio and bubap if you see any of the other girls while you are around can you point them in this direction? Thanks xxxx

PistachioLemon Wed 12-Aug-09 10:34:59

Morning Hever!

I realised that I didn't really reply to you last week - sorry.

Well done your lo having her jabs and only being a bit grumpy - I've been with friends a few times when their babies have had their jabs and they've screamed the place down! So how's life treating you? Are you enjoying your maternity leave?

Loads has happened since for me, although I'm still waiting for the elusive BFP. I thought we'd managed it last month, as I had lots and lots of symptoms, was very late and DH was convinced there was a little bean taking up residence but we were wrong .

DH has finally booked his sperm test but it's not until September (the earliest appointment available, can you believe it) and we're both hoping it'll come fine and we're just one of those couples for whom it takes a bit longer. The doc only agreed to do the tests on DH and not me because I'm only nearly 34, but DH is 41 and he had an operation on his testicle when he was at university, and although in theory it shouldn't be a problem, in some cases it is.

On the non TTC front I've been really busy, I finished my course in June and thankfully passed - woohoo. Then my mum was ill and I had to stay with her on and off for a month, and after that we've had several weekends away or with people staying, and I've been decorating. I'm getting bored of being a lady of leisure now so I'm going back to work soon at the same firm I was at before I started the course. It's just three days a week and it's just on a temporary contract but hopefully it'll stretch out until next summer when I start my training proper. Phew... that was a lot of me me me!

So, I realised that I know where Summer and Dawn can often be found and have posted a message on there linking to this thread. Hopefully they'll be along soon. Haven't seen MAF or Crunchy or Flirty for ages - I'm presuming no news is good news and that all is well. I haven't been posting on our old thread for ages as it changed so much.

Bubba I can't believe you're 30 weeks gone already. That makes me a lot. So exciting. Have you been decorating the nursery? And how's the bump looking? Definitely take photos of the bump so you can look back on it.

eth37 Thu 13-Aug-09 11:46:05

Hi ladies, mind if I pop in and say 'hi'?
I was on the original First time frolickers, but disappeared for a bit when it all got a bit much!
I'm 26 weeks now, all going quite fast, but not fast enough!
Pistachio sorry about your experience last month sad It's a horrid feeling isn't it. I found the whole TTC experience incredibly hard at times so I def have my fingers crossed for you this month smile
Hever how old is your little girl now? How exciting!!
BubbaP you must be about a month ahead of me then - eeeek! Getting excited/nervous?!

PistachioLemon Thu 13-Aug-09 12:07:20

Eth, hello! Are you around 26 weeks now then? How are you feeling?

Thanks for being so nice - it is so much harder trying than I thought it would be. Normally I don't seem to get a lot of symptoms but last month was ridiculous, and as I didn't temp that month, and only did one test very early on I don't know if something was happening but didn't stick or whether it was just one of those odd cycles. In a way I'm quite glad not to know (IYKWIM). Anyway, hopfully something will happen soon.

eth37 Thu 13-Aug-09 14:39:02

Yes, 26 weeks exactly. Just enjoying being off work at the minute (school holidays) and not looking forward to going back!
I had a v similar experience to what you described the month before we conceived - my period was a few days late, I had had loads of symptoms and was absolutely convinced I was pregnant. Still reckon I probably was, and I think you are meant to be more fertile the month after, if it's any consolation. So lots of BD-ing for you this month wink

DawnAS Thu 13-Aug-09 15:28:24

Hello hello hello!!!

Sorry Pistachio, I didn't see your link - obviously had my "New Mum" glasses on, you know, the ones where you just see nappies and bottles in front of your eyes!! grin

Hever, ahhh, your LO had second lot of jabs then? Ellie had her first lot last week. She was fine, within 2 mins of the second injection, she was asleep!! I teared up though, luckily DH was holding her so I just turned away and pretended to be reading a poster!! blush Well done for starting this thread honey!! As I started the original thread (all that time ago... Last June to be precise), I did post on there recently but like you, they've moved on without us (boo hoo), so really glad that you started this one!! grin

Bubba, gosh, not long to go now honey!! grin Sorry, please remind me, did you find out the sex? So sorry if you've already told us!! blush I remember those aches and pains well. I have to admit though that I didn't expect to still be getting them now!! hmm I get really bad pains in my lower back when I'm in bed. My Mum says that it's where all my ligaments and muscles were stretched and changed during PG and they take a while to recover. Can't imagine why??!! wink I just expected to look and feel exactly the same afterwards, that I did before I was PG. Unfortunately that's not the case.

Oh Hever, just wondered how you're doing with your weight? Mine is really getting me down. I've got about a stone to lose since having Ellie and I'm still in size 14 trousers. I've always been a size 12 and so I'm refusing to buy any size 14s so I'm living in one pair of jeans and 3 pairs of joggers, that I wore right up until the end of my PG!! blush I feel fat and frumpy - definitely not YUMMY MUMMY material... sad I know Ellie's only 9 weeks old, but still - surely I should have lost all the weight by now!! wink

Eth, hi honey!! Gosh, we're on tenterhooks for you and Bubba now!! How exciting!

Pistachio, loads of lovely babydust winging it's way to you honey. We're right there with you girl!! Hope your DHs sperm test doesn't raise any problems for you. Sometimes it just takes a while, I'm sure there's nothing wrong. How many cycles is it now? Keep your chin up honey.

So, I've posted some more piccies of Ellie on my profile. We've got another appointment on Monday at the eye hospital and I imagine they will refer her to the hospital in Exeter to see the surgeon who will do her op. Not looking forward to it but I'd rather they do it now when she's young. It'll be a general anaesthetic though and that's what's worrying me... sad

BUT, in herself she's a very happy chilled out baby. We get 10 hours sleep out of her a night and that's not bad for 9 weeks old. She's a very easy baby, except when I try to take her shopping, but that's another story. In fact, crazy as it sounds, she's so good that I sometimes forget that she's here!! blush But then I hear her chattering to herself and my heart fills up - she's soooo scrummy - she's got to be the most kissed baby in the world!! grin

DH is going to Israel on business tomorrow night for a week. So I will have to cope on my own for all that time, no-one to pass Ellie to at night when I'm knackered - plus I'll have to walk the dog twice a day and make sure the cat's Ok aswell. It's going to be a tough week - but character building I guess!! grin

Hope everyone is Ok!!


eth37 Thu 13-Aug-09 20:49:00

Aaaaw Dawn lovely to hear from you - can't believe it's been well over a year since the first thread began! I remember obsessing a lot last summer. And your pics of Ellie are sooooo cute!! Can't believe she is 9 weeks old! I know I'm no expert but I would say 9 weeks on and only a stone to lose sounds pretty good. Do you know how much you had put on over the pregnancy? Sorry if that's rude to ask. I am getting a bit obsessed with weight gain at the min! Feel like my thighs have grown ridiculously and my bum is definitely not what it once was, and I have 14 weeks to go!

Hope everyone is OK!

Eth x

heverhoney1 Thu 13-Aug-09 21:04:24

Well HELLOOOOOO everyone its so good to see you all.

Pistachio I am loving maternity leave (infact just got 2 euro millions lotter tickets in the vain hope I wount have to go back and will be a lady that lunches forever!)

Eth 26 weeks thats so amazing it gets good and bad from here on in in my experience. The worry goes down a little bit (My DP was born at 28 weeks and is now a dear daddy so this is def the home stretch) I personally loved the look of my bump and feeling the baby move more as time went on. It was one of the only times in my life my body felt in proportion. However the getting up 1000 times a night, the swollen ankles and the frustration with not being able to get about as much as normal all took their toll.

I am not one of those women who took particualarly well or smoothly to labour and birth (Understatement of the century baring in mind the circumstances) but Chloe (my 14 week old little girl) was well worth it she is the light of my life.

Dawn I am and always have been a big girl (though suprisingly fit for my size) so I am not really the best person to ask about weight issues, the increase in my metabolism meant that I came out of pregnancy lighter than I went in (although I sill have a few dress sizes on you! a size 14 would be bliss and is my eventual aim). If I were you I would buy 1 fairly cheap but nice outfit in a size 14 just so you can feel human for a bit. dressing up and putting on make up for the first time after Chloe was born made me feel like a person in my own right again and it sounds like you need that kind of boost!

I do have to loose some weight though now girls as DP has finally PROPOSED!!! yeah me!! so I now have to fit in a wedding dress and not look like an avalanche. I have till next October so I at least have some time. Loosing weight is going to be hard. Al the other times I did it I just hit the gym hard but I dont have the time or the energy to do that now - any ideas welcome!!

DawnAS Fri 14-Aug-09 10:19:42

Oh Hever, CONGRATULATIONS HONEY!!! grin grin

I have to say, re the weight loss, that I have found that Weight Watchers works every time. I don't know whether you've tried it before, but I find that you can still eat really well (even having daily treats - walkers crisps for example are only 2 points now - they're my downfall!!) and lose the weight. I never actually joined a class as I was always deemed as too "light" to join as I was actually underweight for my height, but the diet always worked for me. I would do it whenever my size 12s started to get too tight. My view was that it would be much cheaper to lose a bit of weight to comfortably get back into my 12s, than to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes because I'd been eating a little too much.

However, there is another website that someone on MN has recommended to me, which is free!! It's all based on calories. You put in your current weight and what weight you'd like to get to. You then put in how many lbs you want to aim to lose a week (maximum of 2lbs) and it works out how many calories a day you should aim for. You then list all the food you eat and all the exercise you do (including housework!!) and it gives you a running total through the day of how much weight you've lost, how many calories you've got left to eat etc. But the best thing, is that most branded food is listed along with the calorie amounts. I haven't started using it yet but it's very good!! Here is the link.

Eth, I put on LOADS of weight during PG, but strangely, it all appeared to be bump. hmm I remember going to the docs for my 7 week registration appointment and I was already 10st 5lbs, normally I'm 9st 10lbs. I was gutted!! By the end, I was almost 12 stone. I'm now 11st. I thought I'd lose most of the weight straight away as I was nearly all bump, but I didn't. I put most of the weight on at the beginning. Towards the end, from about 28 weeks, I didn't put on much due to the limitations of my Gestational Diabetes. I couldn't have the biscuits and stuff that I'd eaten before which probably helped a bit. It was definitely my bum and thighs where I put on my weight aswell and I haven't lost it at all yet. My top is my normal size though, although I do still have a bit of a tummy. It's finding the time to exercise that's the problem though...

Anyway, I should dash now as DH is off to Israel on business tonight so we've got lots to do today before he goes!! grin


eth37 Fri 14-Aug-09 10:20:30

Ooooo Hever congrats on your engagement grin grin that is fantastic!! I guess Chloe will be around 18 months by the wedding then? So she can be the cutest bridesmaid ever!! Aaaaw, that's really lovely. Re weight loss - I know before I got married I used an online calorie counter thing (think it was weightlossresources but I think you have to pay for it now, and there are other free ones, but this was v user friendly). It wasn't too bad and I did lose weight quite quickly which stayed off as I understood food content a bit better afterwards. Was thinking I might go back to that post-baby. I did go to the gym as well, but only about twice a week. Am missing exercising a lot at the minute. Have really not felt like doing anything for a while.
Am loving feeling slightly more relaxed, now, you're right - and also love the shape of my bump and the wriggles. I think it's probably the first time ever that I have felt comfortable in my self (physically) and that's lovely. Not looking forward to the impending swollen-ness/childbirth bit though... Am ever so slightly terrified about that bit... sad
Anyone heard from summer? I know she had her little boy, but just wondered how she was getting on.
Sorry, what a mammoth post blush

PistachioLemon Fri 14-Aug-09 10:24:49

Congratulations Hever, that's wonderful news about getting married, I'm so pleased for you.

As far as getting into wedding dresses, or losing baby weight goes, I can recommend doing the online Weight Loss Resources diet. It's basically a calorie counter so you can eat whatever you want, as long as you stick within your alotted calories. I am trying to lose a bit at the moment and it's really quite easy doing this - and I had my first compliment at the weekend (lovely!). Or my sister has had great success with weight watchers online if the idea of points appeals to you better.

I can't stand the gym so I gave up my membership a few years ago and now I'm trying to lose weight again I'm just upping my natural activities instead - walking instead of taking the car where I can - is that something you could do with Chloe / Ellie in the pram? And I was thinking of getting an exercise DVD and doing some toning etc at home so that the flabby bits will hopefully melt away!

Hever, you've got loads of time though til next October so just take it slowly and Dawn I reckon the stone will just fall off eventually of its own accord. I agree with Hever that you could buy one outfit (perhaps a dress or something that will shrink with you) so that you'll feel more yummy mummy than slummy mummy. Don't stress too much about it though, your body has been through such major changes and it will take a bit of time for you to go back to normal.

PistachioLemon Fri 14-Aug-09 10:26:14

Ooops lots of cross posts!

heverhoney1 Sat 15-Aug-09 21:29:15

hi all - so i have a new favourite pass time!

Wii fit ski slalom while holding chloe- she is loving it too lol

PistachioLemon Sat 15-Aug-09 23:44:49

That's so cool. My friend and her daughter love Wii fit skiing...and I've asked my husband for one for my birthday (crossing fingers!).

eth37 Sun 16-Aug-09 20:50:09

Hi all!

I agree with Pistachio on the Weight Loss Resources website - I did it before getting married and it was brill! Dawn I think it looks like the foodfocus idea, where you input everything you eat and exercise. I found it brilliant at the time. Also, it sounds like you are doing really well with the weight loss if you are already a stone down? I am stressing about it all at the minute... Am 26 weeks and fearing how much I can put on in 14 weeks!! Have put on 12 pounds so far, and it does seem to be mainly bump, but I definitely think my thighs and bum seem bigger too.

Pistachio whereabouts are you in your cycle? Are you at the BD fest bit yet?! Have got my fingers crossed...

Pistachio is it your birthday soon? Mine was yesterday! Didn't feel like it really though as we had to get up ridiculously early to trek across the country to a wedding, and I have not had a wine-free birthday for a number of years blush

Hever aaaaaaw at ski slalom with Chloe!!! grin that sounds like the cutest thing ever!!
Hope everyone's had a good weekend x

DawnAS Tue 18-Aug-09 11:24:32

Hi All,

Eth, 12 lbs at 26 weeks is NOTHING - really honey, don't worry about that at all. You actually don't put on as much weight in the third trimester as the weight you do put on is baby, certainly that's what I found anyway. I think the stone that I lost was purely baby, placenta, water retention etc as my ankles and legs were very very swollen by the end. I have put weight on in weird places aswell which is what I'm finding so odd. My feet are bigger for a start - all my trainers and shoes are too small - gutted!! Also, my calves are bigger. I had to buy some knee high boots last year, that were made to order as I have slim, but long legs and normal knee highs never came up high enough and looked like wellies. Well I wore mine on Sunday and I couldn't do the zips right up - gutted again!! But with DH away this week, I am having to walk Tilly twice a day instead of just once. So pushing a pram and walking a dog twice a day for about 1-2 miles each time, up and down hills, will hopefully help. The choccie biscuits won't though!! wink

How is everyone else? This is a tough week for me as DH is away in Israel on business for a week so I'm completely on my own, looking after a 10 week old baby, a dog, a housecat and a pond full of fish!! So far I've remembered to feed all of them and make sure the cat's litter is scooped, the dog's mess is picked up from the garden and Ellie's nappies are changed quickly. So I guess I'm not doing tooooo badly!! I'm taking advantage of his absence though and going to bed when Ellie goes to bed and I don't have to feel like I'm neglecting DH!

Anyway, my little bro (well 21 so not so little) is coming over tonight and I'm cooking him dinner. So before then I need to get all the ironing done and at least hoover the floors - even if I don't get the rest of the housework done today!

So I'd better dash. Hope all you bumps, ladies and babies are doing Ok!!


PS: Babydust winging its way to those in need of it!!

DawnAS Tue 18-Aug-09 11:26:08

By the way, forgot to say that Summer is doing really well and William is a real treasure!! He is also sleeping through the night like Ellie and is really thriving.

Unfortunately though, Summer doesn't get much chance to come onto MN much now as she's so busy, but I will keep you all in the loop with her news as she emails me regularly. grin


eth37 Tue 18-Aug-09 16:47:48

Dawn you sound rushed off your feet - hope you're OK! When is DH back? I hope he is ringing you lots. Bet Ellie will look more grown-up, even after a week away! Aaaaw. Did you have GD? I have my tests for that, and all the other blood things, next week. I am a bit worried as I am having ridiculous sugar cravings, and have been for about the last 8 weeks - I gobbled a whole, massive bag of Haribo Tangfastic a couple of weeks ago blush and had to hide the evidence from DH!

Great news about Summer! And I am also very pleased to hear of two babies who are sleeping through the night! I am not good without sleep, so hoping that the original First Time Frolickers only conceive babies who sleep through grin

How is everyone else? I am going for a birthday meal with friends tonight. Went to the hairdressers earlier, and she has cut waaaaaay too much off!!! I daren't look in the mirror!!

heverhoney1 Sat 22-Aug-09 18:32:21

Hey everyone hows it going?

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