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Planning a baby......

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melorablack Sun 02-Aug-09 21:50:14

I am 20 next week, getting married in September to my partner of 4 years. We both work, me on around £14000 net per year and him on around £10860 net per year. We live together in a rented 3 bed house (we didn't plan on getting this house...we moved in when OH's mum moved out).

I would really like to have children sooner rather than later because first of all - I want kids and secondly, my mum and my nan both went through the menopause between 35-40 years old and my mum had 10 miscarriages before I was born so waiting too long is not really an option as I feel I may have inherited some of their fertility problems.

I do not drink, smoke or party (in any way) so I would not be bothered at all by the disruptions to your social life a baby can cause ? I?m quite happy with a night in with the TV and the odd trip to the cinema if something good is on.

My OH comes from a big family with lots of younger siblings so he is used to having babies around and looking after them. He has said to me that whenever I want a baby, he wants a baby.

The only thing bothering me is whether I am truly ready...I feel like I will never be able to say "Yes I want it NOW" and be able to plan it.

We have been together 4 years and we haven't had any accidents yet and if I were to get pregnant by accident I would of course be ecstatic but actually planning to get pregnant ? shock

Has anyone else felt like this? Any experiences/thoughts are most welcome...

thisisyesterday Sun 02-Aug-09 21:52:49

i think when you're ready you know you're ready.
you're still plenty young enough to wait a year or so.
if you're not entirely sure why not wait for say, 6 months and then discuss it again. take that time to think about it some more. like you i wasn't really bothered about the disruptions to my life that a baby would cause.
and up until now (4.5 yrs later and oin baby number 3) hadn't really got sentimental for my "old life" so i totally get where you're coming from

as i say though, you have no reason to hurry. wait until you';re married, enjoy being married and just the 2 of you for a bit and then think about it perhaps?

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