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TTC - how to get started when sex still hurts like hell after DD (6 months old)

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Shanster Fri 31-Jul-09 02:36:57

We have managed to have sex once since I gave birth to DD 6 months ago. We tried after 4 months and gave up as it was too painful and DH wasn't really turned on by my grimace. It just hurts a lot for me to have sex...I am still BF and want to start thinking about TTC. When will this get better???

Jennylee Fri 31-Jul-09 02:48:47

did you get injured during the birth or do you think it is the breastfeeding causing it? hope someone comes along who has experience, bf has killed my libido, but is also not wanting anymore in my case

sandcastles Fri 31-Jul-09 07:07:23

You need to get seen, to be in that amount of pain is not right!

Picante Fri 31-Jul-09 07:28:15

Yes it shouldn't be that painful - would have to have a psychological or physical reason. I'd see the gp.

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