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is this implantation bleeding or just a very light AF

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stuckLM Thu 30-Jul-09 18:45:53

Can anyone help plz because i hope u can blush. My cycles are normally between 28-31 days. so am due on now, bodies doing something but not really sure what. i started yesterday morning and it was just a pinky brown discharge. i went to bed last night expecting to have to get up and change 2 or 3 times like usual. But i didnt need too. this morning confused me even though it is sluightly darker in colour it is still just as light. i would normally be full flow now and i mean like i would normally have needed to change like four or five times by now but havent changed in once. i confused we have been trying for a baby but i dont know what it is?? hmm mite do a hpt in a couple of days if it stops or carries on like this.

kitkatqueen Fri 31-Jul-09 01:44:48

Probably too soon to tell, hard for you, but give it at least a few days and see what result you get. Good Luck

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