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Grapefruit Juice - the details?

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earplugs Mon 27-Jul-09 14:59:31

You know when things are getting desperate when you are willing to try ANYTHING!

So does grapefruit juice really work? How much and how often should I drink it? Does anyone know why it works and what is it in the juice that does the trick?

So many questions.......TIA! xx

earplugs Wed 29-Jul-09 14:19:05

Well I'm drinking he vile stuff but haven't noticed anything just yet (although it as only been a few days! grin

Should I drink it just around ov time or all the time and is one glass a day enough?

MrsPigeon Thu 30-Jul-09 18:31:00

Hi earplugs - just to say I'd heard this too, I think there was another thread about it on here a while ago? and when I googled it I came up with this
not sure if the advice is any good but the name of the website made me laugh! the idea is to thicken your cervical mucus so I guess you wouldn't need to drink it all the time, just before/ during ovulation?

kookykid Thu 30-Jul-09 18:43:34

I had a small glass every day and then a larger one around OV time. Did notice a change in CM. Also stopped drinking alcohol and took pro-natal vitamins. My baby is due in 5 weeks!! Good luck!

earplugs Thu 30-Jul-09 22:38:20

Thanks ladies for your replies. MrsPigeon, hahaha the name of the website is very funny! To be honest I've no idea what my cervical mucus is like but it can't hurt if I drink more water, have the grapefruit and take the evening primrose.

Thanks Kookykid,fantastic to know you saw a positive difference. Best of luck with the new arrival! I wonder how many babies grow up with a general dislike of grapefruit because of it! grin

SummerSky Fri 31-Jul-09 10:37:24

Glad someone else asked about the juice I was in the dark too. Apparently Baby carrots also help, well look what they do for rabbits! Good Luck. Any tips on other ways and means also grapefruitly recieved.

Zil131 Fri 31-Jul-09 11:16:52

Have you plotted your cycle? I found I had a short (ish) time between Ovulation and Period (Luteal Phase). Meaning that if I did manage fertilisation, my lining started to fall out sooner and reduced my chances of implantation. I took Agnus Castus for a few months and am now 21 weeks.(Although Grapefruit Juice only gets worse with drops of AC in!!)
May not be relevant for you, but just thought it worth a mention.

Also cut down on all the fun things in life like booze and coffee (for DP aswell)...

SummerSky Sat 01-Aug-09 09:46:27

Hi Zil131 Big congratulations with the bump is it your 1st? Thanks everso much for your info actually I think I have a v sim short luteal phase and was thinking of taking Agnus Castus but am with a Chinese Doc who has given me bags of herbs to take so am not sure if I should mix things up at the mo (don't know what's in it). Though I really want to do it all at once. Am on 3 threads, my biggest prob is my age - though not impossible it is a big factor.
I am charting though just about to change thermometer as it's an ear one and rubbish v erratic. Only drink 1 unit of alcohol per week if that and no coffee though I can't seem to give up tea (only 3 cups per day) Yesterday we went out and my drink was - grapefruit! I've had over a litre in 2 days.
Does anyone know why baby carrots are better than normal ones - that helps CM too apparently.
How are you doing earplugs?

earplugs Sat 01-Aug-09 15:08:04

Thanks for info, Agnus Castus sounds interesting what does it do? I think I am one of the rare people who has a typical cycle of 28/29 days and ov around day 14/15 according to my clearblue digital opk! However this month has been crap as had fever and sickness for 2 days at start of cycle and even at day 15 OPK hadn't detected surge. Bugger. Still had a couple of BD just in case but doubt this month will be a goodun (won't stop me rushing off to test though!)

One thing I really have noticed is that my cervix (I assume its what it is) does move position when it ov time. When its not ov time, sometimes dh can em, how can I put it, 'bash his head' if you catch my drift (and no, he isn't very large - mores the pity! [prays he never reads this grin]. It can be quite uncomfortable. But when its ov time, there is no problem at all???!!!! Where does it go I wonder? It may also be the reason why my smears at mid cycle are a nightmare, a nurse once told me I had a 'hidden cervix' WTF!!!!!!!

No idea why the baby carrots are better than normal ones SummerSky but no doubt I'll be adding those to the shopping list also!

SummerSky Mon 03-Aug-09 17:01:51

Hi earplugs it's great you can do all the observations and Good Luck with the stick this month. I haven't had a temp spike so far either but I'm not so good at all the other observations. I don't think you need Agnus Castus (chaste berry) as it is for a short luteal phase - low progesterone, AF would be soon after OV and you get breast tenderness.
off to drink somemore grapefruit!

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