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Infertility tests - high fsh, low progesterone

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SP147 Sun 26-Jul-09 14:05:29


My partner and I have recently decided to try for a baby. As I have PCOS (diagnosed two years ago) i was referred straight to a fertility clinic and have undergone to usual fertility tests over the last month or so. My blood tests results show that my progesterone levels are very low and i am not ovulating. This didn't come as a suprise to me. However, they also showed that my FSH levels were quite high (11.3) and could indicate reduced ovarian supply (this is what the nurse has told me).

We dont have an appointment with the specialist to discuss these results until the end of August and I am a little worried about the FSH level and wondered what the specialist might suggest re: fertility treatment. I had assumed i would be given Clomid but from what I've read on the internet given my high FSH levels this might not be the case. If anybody has been in a similar boat and could give me some idea about the likely course of action that would be appreciated. thanks

Onlyaphase Sun 26-Jul-09 14:46:12

I've had IVF treatment over the past few years and hence know a little bit about FSH levels. I don't know about clomid though, someone else might be able to help

You don't mention your age at all, and FSH level is normally looked at in conjuction with age.

An FSH level of 11 isn't the end of the world - my current IVF clinic is comfortable treating women with an FSH level of up to 15, so please don't worry too much.

There is a new test (not normally done unless you ask) which measures your AMH levels, and this gives a much better indication of follicular reserve in your ovaries. Perhaps you could ask for this test to be done, as it will add to the picture of your overall reproductive health and likelihood of successful treatment.

Best of luck

SP147 Sun 26-Jul-09 14:51:53

Thanks Onlyaphase, I'll ask about the AMH and try to keep positive. I'm 32 by the way.

bamboostalks Sun 26-Jul-09 14:58:11

It depends really on your AMH, with an FSH over 10, most IVF clinics will want to see what your AMH is before accepting you for treatment. I would get that done asap and not wait till you see the consultant as that will almost certainly be one of the first tests that they do. However, it is not all about these results. Your results can be poor and yet you respond ok to stimulation.
It is also not indicative of egg quality just quantity. Good Luck. It is all such a painful rollercoaster.

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