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sterilisation!!!! can anyone give me advice on how long they had to wait and how painful was it!!!

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missylea Sat 25-Jul-09 23:49:47

I have made a decision that im going to get sterilised. I have 3 beautiful dss and after each of them had very very bad pnd. I dont think my body and my mental health could cope with another child even through when i see newborn babies my heart just melts But i have to be selfish for the sake of my dss and i wouldnt be much good to them if i had another baby and just couldnt cope with pnd. Anyone in northern Ireland that could tell me an approximate waiting time and anyone who has had one is it really painful afterwards. ps i have had 3 cs so it isnt recommended that i have any more dc anyways, but they asked me at the time did i want sterilised and i was horrifed as im only 34 but then the pnd hit again with the 3rd dc and think it about time i made a decision. I went for merina coil but it is effecting my mood as well so getting it out on monday!!!! hopefully!

Oblomov Fri 04-Sep-09 17:08:51

I was sterilised a few months ago. I was shocked at how bad the recovery was. Similar to recovering from cs.
Any other questions, please ask.

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