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Emmsys Onwards & Upwards part VII - hand-holders and hair-strokers welcome!

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cupcakefairy Sat 25-Jul-09 23:12:41

Shiny new thread for us

The race is on for the first BFP!

SabsBigPants Sat 25-Jul-09 23:27:39

sabs pokes her head in to our shiny new home... thanks cupcake for setting it up! smile Hope everyones having a good weekend

barbie1 Sun 26-Jul-09 05:53:14

just making my mark so i know where to find you all later wink Have a good day everyone xxx

hopingalways Sun 26-Jul-09 08:16:09

<shuffles round on the e-sofa, trying to get a spot as comfy as on the last thread> mad and rambly post alert!

wow mrskate excited for you! stay clam honey - you are officially on the 2WW from hell right now!

cupcake I know day 20 is early, but that seems to have been the pattern the months I haven't been pg/Mcing/ on the pill...which is about 3 in total in the last year hmm I prefer to think of it as AF phoning ahead, takes all the stress out of the 2ww saw a book advertised this morning and thought of you - list of tips to help budding novelists think thiss is it- dh is getting it as a congrats on getting a uni place!

barbie deep breaths, stay clam too (just noticed my typo to mrskate - beginning of a theory about seafood and pg or I'm more dyslexic than I thought hmm) hang on in there until tomorrow when you can see your little wiggly bean again.

moon that's good news about ttc again! you'll be walzing around with a happy baby bump before you know it

gracie stay in medium pants as long as you like, you're skinny anyway grin you don't have to tell anyone about your pg if you don't want to! your boss knows, your family know, you don't need to spread the word beyond them if you don't feel like it yet

I'm planning to keep pg news on a need to know basis if I ever get that far. I've learnt the unhappy way that for somebody I know, my (fingers crossed) happy baby bump will be the worst thing in the world and I will have no idea - so going to curb my naturally smug and tactless nature and keep schtum

come on fate/stork/BFP fairies - I'm obviously a better person, learnt my lesson, please can I have a BFP now?

GracieGirl Sun 26-Jul-09 08:41:19

<Gracie sneaks in for a quick look round>

Come on MrsKate are you going to be our first BFP????? Then Hoping can get hers in a bit later in her cycle.

Better go and fill up the old thread..........

MrsKate Sun 26-Jul-09 09:15:37

morning i did a test and it was a very faint very faint almost imaginary line . maybe my urine wasnt concentrated enough i wouldnt like to say it was a bfp as too faint !!!!

barbie1 Sun 26-Jul-09 09:28:33

kate last sept i did a test and it was so faint i threw it away! four days later i had a bfp....

This time i had 4 days of nothing...2 days of very very faint test and then my bfp on day 32, i just think you are testing too early...wait 2 more days!

MrsKate Sun 26-Jul-09 09:31:48

yeah il wait im going for another blood test tomorrow as work was worried about my cramps and back ache and wanted to repeat blood pregnancy test agin . so i will no tomorrow if i am from that . im just to impatient

Neeko Sun 26-Jul-09 10:18:18

Morning all.
Lovely new thread from the lovely Cupcake Hope the b'day BD leads to a BFP! grin

Barbie How you doing today? Hope your boobs feel like tiny fairies are battering them with hammers and you've been throwing up all morning IYKWIM. Sending you a big hug.

OOOOOOH MrsKate I'd say you are ever so slightly up the duff!!! tentative congrats to you and looking forward to the results of your blood test tomorrow. smile

Gracie Think what hoping said about you announcing was spot on. Do what feels right for you. Glad to hear your DH is making plans to have the best equipped baby. smile Big tip - make sure you buy a pram and change bag etc that don't look too girly. That way DH has no excuse not to take the baby out and let you catch up on sleep. My DH's Sunday hour-long walk's with DD when she was a tiny baby saved my sanity.

Hoping lol at you telling Barbie and Mrskate to be shell fish grin I love that someone else does bargaining with Fate for a BFP too grin

Sabs how the flu and the tiling coming on?

moon Soooooooo pleased that you've sorted things out with your DH and are moving on. It was so nice to see you posting like yourself again. I know that there will still be down days but really pleased that you can see a glimmer of sunshine P.S. Sex in the shower - saucy! wink That's almost as good as 4ever's sausage story!! (I'm an elephant and NEVER forget)

Blue A telly superstar grin Shame you had to delete it but completely understandable.

I did some soul searching last night and have decided to embrace this pg. I think for me the only thing worse than having a MC again would be to have another one without having allowed myself any hopes and dreams for the existance of the LO in the forst place. Does that make sense?

Hope you're all doing something nice. It's tipping with rain here sad

bluesatinsash Sun 26-Jul-09 10:44:00

Morning all too and can't believe we're on part VII (thanks cupcake). I do feel some BFP's a-heading our way smile.

Neeko - sooo true about neutral pram - mine is navy with subtle white piping and DH gladly pushed when required grin. Lovely to hear you're embracing this pg. Small steps to begin with then bigger waddling ones later on smile Its chucking down with rain here too and yet it was glorious yesterday - WTF?

Moon - envy at the sex in the shower, you saucy mare. Lovely to hear that you and your DP have a PLAN! Get theee to the shops for OPKs and grapefruit juice now grin.

Fingers still crosedd for Kate

Well I'm off to order wallpaper samples from Laura Ashley - as you do.

anniebigpants Sun 26-Jul-09 11:05:06

Morning ladies, just popping in to baggsy myself a comfy, not-too-low-seat as the ol' back is playing up again.
Well done for starting new thread Cupcake, we are going through threads at the rate of one per month!
Will be back later for proper catch up, off to the airshow now, its stopped raining for the minute, hope it holds off, was beautiful yesterday as well.

VJaybigpants Sun 26-Jul-09 11:50:01

Morning, and loving the new thread, thanks cupcake*

sounds promising, I'm getting excited for you smile

Well I had really bad cramps last night, I couldn't get to sleep, but it was mainly on my left side, don't know what it means. I eventually got to sleep and woke up fine this morning. Also my spd has returned with a vengeance, I've been back ache and spd free for a couple of months, so I think the baby had rooted itself right down because it's really quite painful. I've got an antenatal appt. on Tuesday so will ask about it all then.

cupcakefairy Sun 26-Jul-09 12:05:10

Morning girls glad you're all getting comfy in our new home!

Vjay sorry the back ache is back is the strap-on going to have to make another appearance?? grin

Neeko that's so great you're going to embrace the pregnancy I totally agree th if you never had the hope of it ending well, it would be so sad. Dh actually ended up getting his birthday present early last night winkgrin but I'm sure I could be persuaded for a repeat performance tonight...I'm not actually sure if I've ov'd yet- temps have been a bit funny cos we've been switching between our summer and winter duvet as the weather is so erratic right now! So we'll just keep going for now

Oooh blue I'm envy of your Laura Ashley wallpaper! I loooove Laura Ashley stuff and wish I could afford to kit my whole house out in their furniture/decor! Enjoy

Hi hoping hope the spotting isn't af's calling card! So have you been back on the pill since any of the mcs then? That would definitely explain weird spotting etc.

Kate I am going to be holding my breath for you until tomorrow! But tiny little EEP of excitement! grin I think we need 3 BFPs on this thread! But who will they be...??

VJaybigpants Sun 26-Jul-09 12:20:06

cupcake the strap-on doesn't fit me anymore shock

hopingalways Sun 26-Jul-09 13:15:09

shock ^strap on^ shock wtf?

please don't enlighten me about the sausage story either while we're on the subject...

BuddhaBelly Sun 26-Jul-09 13:24:41

annie shove over on the not-too-low comfy seat for me please, I too have a bad back, but also want to squeeze and congratulate you on your scan too, a blue one grin I bet after all that worrying you are so relieved smile
Barbie I've had various colour discharges and (.)(.) have gone up down, sore not sore, lumpy and all sorts so please try not to panic too much, I know its hard not too, but just focus on your scan and seeing your LO on the screen x
Neeko I think your positive attitude is to be applauded well done on embracing your pg smile
MrsKate Sorry to hear you are in that horrible limbo land at the moment, hope time passes quickly to the next test and that the levels have gone up
Moon Good news for you on the ttc front then, so pleased for you as it's a step in the right direction
Curly Try and slow down at work hun it's not good for you or the baby and ms will only get worse if your not regularly feeding smile
MLS Hope to see you back very soon with a BFP and a huge grin take care x
VJay Can't believe you're at hospital bag stage, wow how time has flown!

Huge wave to everyone else smile

Well I'll be officially half way tomorrow, and just like Blue still having the odd wave of negativity and worry, will be happier once the scan is out the way but that's not til 7th August. Feeling the baby obviously helps as it's a daily reassurance, I just want all you girls to be in the same position so very very soon x

MrsKate Sun 26-Jul-09 14:02:00

done another test naughty mrskate its BFP

GracieGirl Sun 26-Jul-09 14:03:01

Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! grin grin grin MrsKate is pregnant!!!!! smile

BuddhaBelly Sun 26-Jul-09 14:04:17

MrsKate Congratulations well done, fantastic news grin grin grin grin grin

GracieGirl Sun 26-Jul-09 14:48:17

Cupcake this thread must be lucky, a BFP on the first page. grin So who's going to be second?

I think MrsKate thinks I live in a mad house! She rang to tell me about her BFP and DH was cooking an omelette and the smoke alarm kept going off in the back ground!! grin MrsKate I really hope the next few weeks fly by for you, I remember very well the mixed feelings of OMG!, OH No! oh Yes! and Not sure! that come with a BFP after a miscarriage. Its all perfectly normal and its no use anyone telling you to stay calm. Just eat well, stay hydrated and very important - stay away from working in A&E!!! Just had a thought, all those problems your DH was having with depression and flu this month turned out good in the end as they are probably the reason you are now pregnant as DH would have been at work otherwise not busy BD'ing! smile

Hoping and neeko thanks, I think just a couple more weeks with the medium pants and I might feel a bit more confident.

Buddha well done for being officially half way!! Only 4 weeks till you're legal! and then we'll be on the count down to getting your lovely little baby.

neeko I really pleased you've decided to embrace your pregnancy and try to enjoy it. smile

Blue and Neeko yes good idea about non-girly colours for the pram. A long way off buying anything yet though.

Vjay sorry to hear you've got your back pain back again. Don't forget to let us know when you go into labour won't you?! smile

Went to church this morning and swine flu madness has hit the Church of England now. No Communion wine, no hand shaking and vicar to use antibacterial handwash before blessing anyone. Probably all good though as I don't need an extra risks and don't want to tell the whole congregation I'm pregnant just yet.

MrsKate Sun 26-Jul-09 14:51:00

gracie i dont think your house is mad lol. i cant believe it was a bfp

cupcakefairy Sun 26-Jul-09 15:04:43

Kate!!!!!!! gringrin well done for doing another test and YAY!! So excited grin this definitely is a lucky thread! Will have to go and pull the list off the other thread in a minute. Well done you and so glad you and gracie will be able to hand-hold in RL (and tidy up the paperclip drawer of course.)

Lol, gracie a guy at my work is Anglican and said they have started using disposable individual little cups for communion wine, but yours is forgoing it all together? That really is being on the safe side but as you say, can only be good for you!
Didn't realise you were a church-goer too, seems there are a few of us on this thread then

Yay for being nearly halfway buddha grin nd lol, hoping, it's not like it sounds wink Vjay's strap-on was really a back pain-relieving strap that somehow gained that nickname, from a naughtier MN-er than me! wink

Aw, dh was just clearing out his wallet of receipts etc and he has 2 pics of us in there..he took one out and said 'I'm going to leave this space vacant for our baby' <crying emoticon>!

cupcakefairy Sun 26-Jul-09 15:08:48

Small pants

4ever ttc#1 cd 33
gingermumi ttc#4 cd 25
hoping ttc #1 cd 21
cupcake ttc#1 cd 17
iggypiggy ttc#1 cd 11
Jools ttc#1 cd 6
Sophable ttc#2 cd 6
bakingqueen ttc#1 cd 6
MLS ttc#2 cd 5
mermaid ttc#2 cd ?

Medium pants

MrsKate BFP 26th July
Neeko BFP 19th July
becks BFP
Barbie BFP 6th June
Curly BFP 4th June
GracieGirl BFP 30th May

Big pants

VJay bigpants due 26/08/09
Lionstarbigpants due 26/09/09
Sabsbigpants due 26/09/09
Anniebigpants due 1/12/09
Buddhabelly due 16/12/09
Bluesatinsash due 18/12/09
Scorpio due 25/12/09
mm1509 due 5/1/10

VJaybigpants Sun 26-Jul-09 17:08:22

Congratulations mrskate that is fantastic news gringringrin

cupcake your dh is rather sweet isn't he!

I've had my first raspberry leaf tea today, and I didn't think it tasted too bad smile

gracie ofcourse I'll let you all know when I go into labour, must admit was a bit shocked to see it there in black and wait....labour...shock, but it could be soon I suppose, better get that bloomin bag packed...

GracieGirl Sun 26-Jul-09 17:17:06

Vjay It might not be long, only 1 month today! grin
A friend of mine has given birth this week 6 weeks early (Baby is fine if a little small), I'm kind of glad in a way as she was due on the due date of the LO I miscarried in February and that would be quite strange.

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