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should i test - too early?

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soreboobs Sun 22-May-05 11:25:19

I belive that i ovulated sometime between last sunday and monday. I Bd on sunday and tuesday. yesterday i started to get slighlty sore boobs which feel much more tender today, is it too early to test (only been a week). I only have two pregnancy tests at home and don't want to waste one or should i just do it anyway?


munz Sun 22-May-05 11:27:38

i'd wait normally u have to wait until at least 7 DPO for ultra early test, but normal tests u need to wait till the day of or b4 AF.

good luck.

Catbert Sun 22-May-05 11:30:45

Wait... The longer you leave it the more accurate the test. They're darned expensive those tests... You don't have to wait that long. Really. I tested DD1 when I was only 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and got a very definate result.

Catbert Sun 22-May-05 11:34:44

Just another thought (if you are thinking - grrrr - I wanted everyone to say "YES!") - if you ARE pregnant - it is unlikely you will get a + test at the moment, but you will still be pregnant IYSWIM with a - result and a wasted test.

Nemo1977 Sun 22-May-05 11:53:12

it is prob too early to test. Even with very early tests that say 7dpo tends to usually pick up at 9dpo. A normal test would prob pick up from about 3 days b4 af is due.

Nemo1977 Sun 22-May-05 11:54:06

meant to say i tested with this pg at 9dpo on ultra early test and got pos but got neg on normal tests day after. It was about 3 days later i got a pos on a clearblue digi.

bibiboo Mon 23-May-05 11:50:20

I tested on a Friday before my period was due and got a negative. Tested again on Monday (period due day) and got a big, fat positive. So, I think it really depends on your body and how much of the pregnancy hormone you produce. I'd had a week of sore breasts and cramping, so I kind of knew I was, the ng test on the Friday really disappointed me, but symptoms got stronger and no period on Monday made me test again. Glad I did!

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:06:57

Hi , I am due to test on Thursday day AF is due, but do you think I should do a test today the waiting is driving me insane. I have no pregnancy symptoms saying that I have no AF arriving symptoms eihter.

Shall I test or wait, what are the early tests called?

Toothache Tue 24-May-05 13:07:47


I got a positive result 5 days before AF was due.

desperatehousewife Tue 24-May-05 13:09:00

wowza - which test?

Toothache Tue 24-May-05 13:11:34

Boots own brand. It was 9 days after DH and I bd'd! Did the test for a laugh coz I was drunk and bored one night! We were going to start ttc after Christmas (this was November) so I stocked up on tests. Nearly fainted when the line appeared! dd is 9mths old now.

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:11:42

which test?

Toothache Tue 24-May-05 13:13:23

Trix1 - Posts crossed!

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:14:38

Toothache - yes, i was getting excited there at first thinking oh someone else thinks i should test!!!

Toothache Tue 24-May-05 13:36:52

Go on Trix! Do it!!! PLeeeeeeeeeease?

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:44:34

I am too nervous Toothache.

Shall I just wait until tomorrow??

i have ordered some tests of ebay they should be here tomorrow or shall i just pop to boots oh my god I am not normally this indecisive (blush)

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:44:53


Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:45:27

what am i doing wrong why cant i get the blushy little face???

starlover Tue 24-May-05 13:46:36

do it do it do it!!!1

yopu need square brackets [ ]

Toothache Tue 24-May-05 13:49:14

NOOOOOOOO - I'm off work tomorrow.... don't do this to me!!

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:52:42

Right - this time i am going to the chemist watch this space I will be very soon...

PS i have no square brackets on my keyboard

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:53:09

meant to say back soon..........

Toothache Tue 24-May-05 13:54:32

Wahey! GOOD LUCK! Everything is crossed for you.

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 14:27:44

Not Pregnant

Bought the clearblue digital.

Toothache Tue 24-May-05 14:36:58

Ah but it might be too early still I suppose!!

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