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Paying for clomid

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Barmymummy Thu 23-Jul-09 18:33:50

Am asking for a friend as she doesn't come on here but she has been trying for dc2 for 18 months now. No luck so far so has had one lot of bloods taken and is due another lot next month. Her GP has said clomid could help her but she would have to pay for the treatment. She is 39 and already has 1 DC.

Anyone been down this route and if so how much did it cost etc? Thanks!

EldonAve Fri 24-Jul-09 17:33:40

Is she just seeing her GP or has the GP referred her to the hospital?

Barmymummy Fri 24-Jul-09 17:44:44

Has seen GP and GP has sent her to have her bloods taken at the hospital for 2 consecutive months on Day 21 of her cycles....but no appt with a specialist or anything like that. Thanks for asking smile

EldonAve Fri 24-Jul-09 17:48:53

She should ask to see a specialist

piper84 Fri 24-Jul-09 17:57:54

If clomid is suitable for her, not sure about the prices in England , but I'm based in Ireland and it cost me ?25euro for 6 months worth. In my case it did work and am currently pregnant with twins. Would strongly advise your friend to get refered to a specialist as clomid is a very powerful drug and most gp's will not offer proper monitering. hth

choufleur Fri 24-Jul-09 19:19:49

i had clomid free (well on prescription) and have a friend (who already has dcs) who has had it on prescription.

TBH i don't trust GPs advice on fertility issues - they are just too general to know enough about it. I'd push for an appointment with a specialist.

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