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Ovulation pains but not ovulating apparently

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ttcvee Wed 22-Jul-09 13:06:24


Am new to the group and wondered if anyone could help with something... I have been told I am not ovulating (due to start clomid next week), my 21 days bloods were 27.5 the first time and the second time 25. However for months now I have been experiencing really bad pains in my side around the time of ovulation. I thought I was going to pass out yesterday quite a few times due to the pain in my right side. the ovulation sticks show no sign though but I have the stringy cm too and lots of it. I did have an hsg last week (which was also agony) so don't know if that has stirred something up?

Has anyone experienced anything similar? A wee bit about me - 35 (but 36 in Sept), ttc for 2yrs, DH has super sperm and have also just been referred for IVF although told it could be 3 months before even get to see consultant and then another 2 yr waiting list...

Look forward to hearing from you.


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