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Can any one talk to me about the tests that you have to have when having probs ttc?

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sunburntats Tue 21-Jul-09 19:08:03

So far we have had bloods sent off, me and dh.Kariotyping and 5 other bottles of blood.

Now he has to give a "sample" snigger..
What is it they are looking at with the sample?

Got to give more blood on day 2, and day 21 of cycle. these are soemthing to do with ovulation i presume?

What are all of these bloods for?
What will they tell us?
btw, i have a 6 year old, and have had 4 mcs all before 12 weeks mark. Same hubby.

extremesitting Sat 25-Jul-09 16:03:03

Hi there

I'm no expert as I'm going through similar problems TTC, but my basic understanding is that you are having blood samples to detect whether you have ovulated or not during the month. The sperm sample is to check how motile the little swimmers are (in basic terms - what are the chances of them getting to your egg). My bloods showed that I wasn't ovulating every month. My husband is about to have his sperm tests done. In short, once they have checked his wares they can assess if the problem is from your side, his side or neither.

If the problem is his then they tend to treat men with supplements first as sperm counts are apparently easier to improve. If he is fine and you have the problem then they may put you on Clomid or some similar medication to get your eggs behaving in a way that is conducive to getting preggers. I was told that they only tend to prescribe Clomid if they have to. I guess its quite an expensive medication to waste if the problem is, in fact, with the man.

I hope this helps and apologies if I have told you anything you already knew

OracleInaCoracle Sat 25-Jul-09 16:09:57

hi sunburnt, your blood tests are to check your hormones are doing what they should when they should, as well as your clotting antibodies. there should also be chromosone testing since rmc is an issue and they will check the amount of sperm and their activity. dh moanned about his test, my reply was: "i get gallons of blood taken, dye shoved up my fanny and every doctor from here to liverpool peering at my cervix while you get to spank your chicken and you're moaning?"

seriously, its a bit scary, but hopefully they will find something (odd i know, but much easier to deal with) when do you go back to cons?

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