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why would my tubes be blocked

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stuckLM Tue 21-Jul-09 15:46:31

im sorry ladies but i am so confused. me and my partner had been trying for a babay for the last two years with a possible miscarrage (i think way way to weird to be a period) if you get what i mean. and two years later an ectopic pregnancy. When i had the ectopic i had top have one of my tubes removed. co i only have one now. which as i am only in my twenties is a huge blow. i had a follow up and was told that they removed a cyst and that i had a large amount of scar tissue. The dictor was very negative and has told me that i will need a lap and dye at the end of the summer. im just so confused as i dont see that there is any reason as to why my tubes would be blocked, i have only ever had one sexual partner and have never had any sort of STD or endo i just dont see why my tubes would be blocked. do u think this is just a negative doctor or do you know of any idea why i could have blocked tubes. one family member have had an ectopic but concecived and has had two children. Do you think that the cyst on my ovary could have caused the scar tissue. anyone with any ideas??? hmm

ReneRusso Tue 21-Jul-09 21:54:39


AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 22-Jul-09 07:11:52

Do you know what sort of cyst was removed; there's more than one type. If it was for instance a "chocolate cyst" these are endometriomas and can cause huge problems internally. These must be removed.

Did you ever have abdominal surgery like appendix removal etc as a child?. I ask this as any abdominal surgery or surgery of this type can give rise to adhesions.

I would seek a second opinion as a matter of course. The "dye" part of the lap and dye can be done via a HSG which is a tubal x-ray. Its quite quick to do and you're awake. This is a useful test to have done as it can give information not easily accessible by other methods like a lap. Deformities INSIDE the tube can only be seen on x-ray.

stuckLM Wed 22-Jul-09 08:47:06

thanx for ur replys
attilia the meerkat- it was just an ovarian cyst no mention of chocolate cyst. i had snever had any form of surgery as a child not since the ectopic in april. i did ask why he wanted to do the lap and dye and npot the x ray one and he replied saying that he wanted to see if the scar tissue he removed had come back????? but i am going to get a second opinion from another doctor as i felt like he was unhelpful and way to negative,

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