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Hormones everywhere but can't start TTCing!

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frazzledgirl Tue 21-Jul-09 10:39:51

My Mirena won't come out. Had second (fairly unpleasant but bearable) doctor's attempt to remove it last night. No go.

Now have to wait for hospital appointment, which could take several months.

My body's going haywire - constantly have tingly boobs, mild cramps, nausea - it basically feels like being newly pregnant all the time.

I know I can't be, so feels like my body's saying GET ON WITH IT - but I can't.

I know even four months isn't that long, and as DH points out, things could be so much worse, but I'm 33, DS is two, and I want to get started!

Sigh. Just a vent, I suppose. But the strength of the need to start - and the sadness and frustration that I can't yet - has startled me.

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