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has anyone had a negative test but been pregnant?

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daniwalkes Mon 20-Jul-09 20:56:14

Hi... right i'll give you a bit of background, i have a 7 month old baby and we've been trying again as of last month... my last period started 10th June and i still haven't come on. i took a test on the 8th July which was negative (it was an early pregnancy test from the doctors) but that point i would presume it would tell me if i was pregnant yet i still haven't come on!
i did have a slightly longer break between periods recently though, i went over by an extra week.
Could it just be a stupidly late period and we're getting our hopes up?
Also has anyone taken a test that said it was negative but they have actually been pregnant?

tobago04 Mon 20-Jul-09 21:08:18

Hi daniwalkes,with dd2 i did a test on cd28 which was negative and did'nt get a positive til 10 days later,i'm in the same boat,this is first month of ttc no.3,my last period started 14th june and still have'nt come on,good luck!!

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