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Help - advice needed from you expert TTCers

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ttcvee Mon 20-Jul-09 14:16:40

Hi Folks

I'm a newbie and found this forum 7 days and have been reading and reading and reading - I have so many questions now though and thought after reading some of the posts on here you guys sound more knowledgeable than my GP etc!

I'm 35 (36 in Sept) and have been TTC for 2yrs now. Own GP did 21 day progesterone day test and said it was fine but would refer me to infertility clinic. So went there, they said the reading was only 27 and asked me to get another test done as it should be 30 Then on Thur past they had me in for the xray with the dye thru my tubes - was told it wouldn't be painful but it was absolutely agony - I was screaming with the pain! My tubes are fine but the doc says I am definitely not ovulating, this time the 21-day test came back with 25 as a result :-( So in 2 weeks time I have another appt to see Infertility Nurse and she is going to give me Clomid - they weren't very keen to give me it though as I am in the "obese" category, although I have lost 7lbs in the last 2 weeks - so they relented since I am trying. They are also going to refer me for IVF but that could take another 2 years! Having read posts on here I think am too old for the egg sharing thing and can't really afford to go private..

My partner's sperm count came back fine - apparently he has 565million fast swimmers!!

Does anyone have any advice for me? Is there anything you think I should be doing to help? Am nervous about taking Clomid - do they monitor/scan everyone or does it depend on you health board? Sorry for the massive post, it's just getting me down - found out yesterday my little cousin gave birth to a beautiful wee girl and my sisterinlaw is due in 6 weeks time. No-one even knows we are trying, never mind having problems so I have no-one other than partner to talk to about it.

FanjolinaJolie Mon 20-Jul-09 14:41:47

Hi TTCVEE - there is a Clomid Attempts and Successes thread that might be a good place to start for you.

Bumping for you as I have no personal exerience of Clomid.

Good luck to you

skihorse Mon 20-Jul-09 14:54:24

hi ttcvee I am 35 and TTC#1. 2 months ago (or thereabouts) I was told by the fertility clinic to see a dietician specialising in weight management for ttcers/preggos.

The dietician was fabulous and very non-judgemental <stern stare at fertility clinic itself> - she recommends a low-carb diet for anyone struggling with ovulation or ttc.

The first month I really went 100% full effort with this I fell pg (early mc, but nonetheless after 7 cycles of nothing, I felt blessed to know it was possible). I'd swap a choclate brownie for a baby any day of the week.

Good luck.

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