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Starting To Get Annoyed Now.....

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Insanitykills Sun 19-Jul-09 17:43:52

its been 6 days since me and my other half had sex and two days after my boobs started hurting. I was at my most fertile and know that you cant get signs till a few weeks or so.... but with my last two pegnancys this happened i got sore boobs really quick and did a test like 6 days before i was due and it was poss but MC happened....

i have done a test and yet nothing!!
im a week and half away from my period and know you cant really do one till about 4 days but its doing my head in... they are gettin worse as the days go on...

this cant be all in my head now can it??

AdelaideJo Sun 19-Jul-09 18:21:13


Its not all in your head. I've just had a horrible experience...I was 80% sure I was pregnant. I do get PMT normally (usually very angry and moody/tearful) but this time around I had NO emotional PMT symptoms at all (in fact couldn't stop smiling) but soon after the fertile window I had massive boobers, gained 3kg in about 4 days (water, I think), couldn't do my jeans up properly, my face swelled, I had heaps of CM and I even LOOKED like I had in the very early days with DS.

My tests were negative a coupla days before AF due but I was still convinced. Then AF arrived 2 days early. I was gutted.

I guess my point to you is, i've NEVER been so utterly fooled by my body before, and now I know how bizarre it is that PMS symptoms can truly mimic early pregnancy. Just keep a really open mind, be cool about it all...try not to stress yourself out.

Fingers crossed for you.

mampam Sun 19-Jul-09 18:23:15

It could all be in your head but if you got sore boobs really quickly last time you were pregnant then it is a possibility.

I think you are just like everyone else.....waiting is a nightmare and the days seem to go even slower somehow. If only we could move time more quickly for the 2WW!!

Insanitykills Sun 19-Jul-09 19:08:17

my gosh that is so weird!! but it now shows me maybe it is
if only i could be a patient person then i wouldnt have this problem

i hate being a woman... ok i take that back just hate the fact i might get have a really big let down on my shoulder yet again.

but still happy thoughts n fingers crossed

thanks x

mampam Sun 19-Jul-09 19:22:28

Patience is one of my downfalls too. I have been getting 'symptoms', my nipples have got bigger, I've been feeling sick (at times but not all the time), I've been really hungry and have even been eating breakfast ( which I never do), my boobs have been really sore for over a week now, I'm moody and dog tired and IBS has been playing up for well over a week which is odd because it usually only starts just before my period. I've also been getting strange 'tweaks' and 'twinges' in my belly!

On the otherhand all those symptoms could be pmt and I could just be looking for symptoms. I've been getting spotty like I do just befor AF and I've been moody with DH like I always am before AF too! I'm currently on CD 23 and am really itching to do a HPT. The only thing that's stopping me is the fact that it will more than likely be a BFN and will be a waste of a test!

Insanitykills Sun 19-Jul-09 19:31:11

o dear.
doesnt sound good
only thing i have got is sore boobs and been gettin tingles in them aswell which i got with the last 2 its so weird.

and well you never know..... best to just wait till period is due which is a killer but its got to be done i think.

i got another test yesterday
so im going to wait a week n if they are still sore then im going to do the test.

if they stop then i know it was just a hic up and i will gutted

skihorse Sun 19-Jul-09 19:53:41

I don't think you're mad at all. I had an early mc last month but I knew within 7DPO that I was pregnant and it was my first ever pg.

I'm now 24/26 and I'm pretty sure I am again. I'll be testing tomorrow morning, egg on my face if it's negative of course! wink

Trying4Baby1 Tue 21-Jul-09 20:26:14

Hiya everyone. Glad to hear I'm not the only one to symptom spot. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if a sore lower back can be a symptom? I've had a really sore back yesterday and today and I reckon I ovulated a week ago. Does it mean anything. Just hope it's not the arrival of AF as I do get a sore back but not this bad usually!

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