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Post-miscarriage: Period or further miscarriage bleeding

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oremstango Sat 18-Jul-09 09:43:14

I miscarried at 6 weeks and seemed to ovulate fairly shortly (7 days) after that finished. Less than 2 weeks after the miscarriage bleeding ended though I passed another clot and then have been having bleeding for 48 hours. Is this my period already or further miscarriage-linked bleeding? When did your period resume after miscarriage? Quite down as I'm not sure what's going on and were ttc again. Thank you, Jennie

rainbowdays Sat 18-Jul-09 13:59:30

This sounds like the tail end of a miscarriage rather than a period, miscarriages can be start-stop in this way, even early ones.

Sometimes the first apparent period following a miscarriage is not following ovulation, it is simply the body readjusting, however it is possible to return to your normal cycle very quickly after an early miscarriage. Each of my early miscarriages have been different, different lengths of returning to normal, my first one I got pregnant immediately so had due date less than a month later than the m/c due date, so I obviously ovulated at normal time. My latest miscarriage, it took a month for my hcg levels to return to normal, at that point I got another bleed, and now waiting to ovulate, which seems to be delayed, so I suspect I will either have an anovulatory cycle or late period.

So I think there is no "normal" for miscarriage, they are all very different. Sorry this does not help you much.

oremstango Sat 18-Jul-09 17:28:32

Thanks. Anyone else?? Appreciate it.

Rockdoctor Sat 18-Jul-09 17:46:46

I mc'd exactly 28 days ago at about 6 weeks and my "period" started today - painful and quite heavy (sorry if TMI). Strangely I had been getting pregnancy symptoms up until today (although I did a test two weeks ago - BFN - just to be sure). I still feel nauseous so am not sure what is going on. As Rainbow says I think my body is still adjusting.

Interestingly, when I had an ERPC late last year my period also came exactly 28 days later although I would consider my normal cycle to be 30-32 days so clearly my post-MC cycles are different in some way.

Sorry if this doesn't help much but I agree that it probably takes a few cycles for your body to settle down. Good luck.

Sunnydale Sat 18-Jul-09 18:51:56

Hi Oremstango, sorry for your loss. How do you know you ovulated 7 days after your mc? How could you tell?
If you did, then it would be quite normal to have a period approx 14 days later.

I also mc'd at 7 weeks, nearly 2 weeks ago. I have no idea when AF will come, or when I'll ov. Some people have told me it might be 3 months, which scares me as I want to start ttc again (I'm 39- no time to waste!)

It's all very confusing, and my doctor has offered nothing whatsoever in the way of help - no blood tests, no further tests, nothing.

Good luck to you all

oremstango Sat 18-Jul-09 19:18:39

Normal signs of ovulation for me (hormones and discharge, sorry if TMI!) led me to take ovulation test which showed as positive. Given HCG were down to 7 this shouldn't have been a factor but could have been.

Sounds like we're on the same timing with things on the mc front. Don't know why I felt relatively okay but starting to bleed again now and not knowing if it's period (seems too early) or miscarriage-linked is really bringing me down as we were hoping to ttc and now I feel like it's all happening again without the end in sight.

On a positive note 2 good fried ttc right after before a period and got pregnant right away so no hurt in trying when ready.


Sunnydale Sat 18-Jul-09 19:39:56

God, really? I've heard that before. Maybe I should BD just in case. Get back in the saddle! I don't temp as my temps are all over the place, but I was using a Clearblue fertility monitor before. Not sure if worth using again until first day of AF.

How do you know your HCG is down to 7? Do you have a private doctor, or can you test them yourself? I'd love to know what mine is. I stopped bleeding after a week, which was a relief, but no idea what my HCG levels are.

rainbowdays Sat 18-Jul-09 22:16:03

Sunnydale - I got pg straight after m/c with no af arriving. It is quite common, so if you are up to it then do carry on ttc, but it is tough emotionally either way. Make sure you do a pregnancy test this week to make sure it is negative though so you know if you do get pg straight away that it is definitely a new pregnancy and not residual hcg from the m/c. If I had not been testing in between I would have thought my last af was another m/c as I was still testing postive when I started bleeding a month after the last m/c.

Oremstango - I found this website good for information on post-miscarriage and what to expect. Maybe it will have the answers you are looking for?

I just wish my body would get on and get over the last miscarriage. I am not young and time is against me as it is, with the being pg for 6 weeks and then a month waiting to get a negative hcg level and now delayed ov, I feel like I have "lost" 3 months.

oremstango Sun 19-Jul-09 09:57:56

Hi all- the early preg unit kept blood testing until I got low enough and they were happy to release me from their care officially. Told me last reading was 7 and pg test was negative. My secondary bleeding seems to have passed afer 48 hours.

Sunnydale Sun 19-Jul-09 19:48:10

Hi all, thanks for the information. Wow, Oremstango, your epu sounds great. Mine didn't give a toss! Glad your secondary bleeding has stopped.

Rainbow, I know how you feel. Last time this happened, it took 9 months for me to get pg - 3 months with no AF plus 6 months trying. How old are you? I'm 39, so I feel the same - I don't have time to waste. Did you miscarry the pg after a miscarriage, then? I'm so sorry if so. If I'd had any idea how hideous the whole ttc thing is, there is no way I'd have waited so long to get started. Like many women, I was naive and ignorant. Good luck to you both.

rainbowdays Sun 19-Jul-09 21:58:42

Sunnydale - I am 41, I am extremely fortunate to have children, The miscarriage where I got pregnant the month after, was a sucessful pregnancy, my little boy is now 15 months old, and we have been trying since then to get pg again. I did not get my af back til he was 4 months old, but have not used any contraception and been actively trying. Since then I have had three more early miscarriages. The latest one being the worst of the lot. But even at 41 it is reassuring that I can get pg, the problem is that I now obviously have old eggs that are not allowing a successful pregnancy, but I really hope that sometime soon I can get a good egg out and get another brother or sister. I hope we all get successful very soon.

Oremstango - so glad to hear that the bleeding has stopped for you. And I agree with Sunnydale that your epu sounds great, mine only tested my levels down to 600 and then just said go and take a pregnancy test in two weeks to check if it is negative!!! Again I hope that you are able to get pg again soon too.

oremstango Mon 20-Jul-09 08:40:22

Wow- was EPU at Kingston hospital and didn't realize the blood tests they didn't weren't standard so def thankful for it. Think the clot I passed Thurs kicked off this new round of bleeding which seems to have passed after 72 hours. Hopefully all done now and ready to get to business again so to speak. Good luck all.

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