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Confusion on chart... does this mean short LP?

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WorrisomeHeart Sat 18-Jul-09 08:44:58

Hi all

I have just started TTCing and last cycle I temped for the first time, using FF to track. I've been very consistent with time and am using a digital thermometer, so am fairly confident that the temps are right, but am coming up with some odd results which I hope you ladies can help with! My temp peaked on day 19, which was 3 full days after the last EWCM - do you think that this means that I have a delayed reaction to progesterone? If this is the case, will OPK's help with actually pinpointing ov? At the moment, I am freaking out about a short LP, as I only had 6 days of high temps, and then two low temps before the day my AF started... any help or guidance would be very gratefully recieved! Am going to hunt out some B6 and Agnus Castus today just in case...

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