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how early can you tell if you're pg?

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bibiboo Fri 20-May-05 11:02:03

I know i've got to wait until I miss my period obviously) before I test, but did any of you know before? With dd I had v sore boobs but that was it and not until the week my period was due.

basically me and dh did the daring deed last week on day 14 and i am panicking/excited/terrified that I might be ...

expatinscotland Fri 20-May-05 11:03:42

i had a BFP the day before AF was due.

bibiboo Fri 20-May-05 11:05:27


HandbagAddiction Fri 20-May-05 11:06:31

Big Fat Positive on a pregnancy test!!

bibiboo Fri 20-May-05 11:16:32

Am I mad to want this so much? DD is only 7m and we can't afford for me to give up work or go part time, but I so want it! I know the chances are tiny that I am pg, but it's all I can think about.

MINNIE1 Fri 20-May-05 15:20:26

Found out on CD27 and my usual cycle is 30-35 days...

WigWamBam Fri 20-May-05 15:21:07

I found out when I was about 3 weeks pregnant.

desperatehousewife Fri 20-May-05 15:44:00

I knew instantly that I was with DS. Felt different. It's agony isn't it the waiting....aaaargh!

milosmum Fri 20-May-05 16:00:44

dont think you re mad to want it- when you do- you just do! i was working full time until my DS was 3 but then my dh got a better job and i went part time. now we are trying for number 2. with DS i felt it had "worked" that very night but actually tested on day af was due and got a BFP.

hope all goes well- keep us informed

Trix1 Tue 24-May-05 13:10:33

Bibiboo - Have you tested yet? you are keeping us in suspence!!!!!

bibiboo Tue 31-May-05 22:39:15

I've tested 3 times, period due today and all were 3 big, fat NEGATIVES

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