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How to increase your chance of conceiving

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aimeemummy Fri 17-Jul-09 13:20:28

Has anyone got any advice on how to increase your chance of conceiving? I know there are set days that are best but i dont know when? Is there anything else?


AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 17-Jul-09 13:24:48

There are not really any set days that are best. Would make love when you both feel like it (two or three times a week throughout the month is fine) and not just when you think its ovulation time. It is all too easy to get the date wrong.

Ovulation is not an exact science and it is also quite possible to have periods without ovulating. Even normally fertile women have the occasional anovulatory cycle.

If you have a history of irregular periods or if these are painful in nature, seek medical advice sooner rather than later.

sheeplikessleep Fri 17-Jul-09 13:48:58

Agree with Attila - every 3 days throughout the month (sperm last this time, so by doing this, you will always have some 'there' whenever you ovulate).

Also, might just be worth looking at lifestyle - alcohol, healthy food, no smoking etc for you and your partner.

Caitni Fri 17-Jul-09 15:03:32

I'd recommend getting a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler so you can understand your cycle. I agree broadly with Attila and Sheep about not being fixated on particular days and having sex regularly throughout the month but I spent the first few months of ttc having sex at completely the wrong time as I ovulate early in my cycle (day 10 or 11).

barbigirl Fri 17-Jul-09 16:28:59

I would advise having lots of sex and enjoying yourself. I'd avoid any worries about ovulation dates etc etc just yet unless you know that there is a problem. It's too easy to get on the anxiety train; most people do not have trouble conceiving. The books recommended here and the info is great- but tbh for the vast majority of people just find the old fashioned method works. Unless you have good reason to think otherwise, assume you will be fine and worry about lifestyle factors once you're pregnant!

I only say this so emphatically because as someone who went through years of fertility treatment, I feel lots of people are wound up into thinking that it's very mystical or scientific...when actually they don't need to worry! But the thing that will increase your chances more than anything is a happy busy sex life- so do that first!

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