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natural progesterone cream

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Ailz Thu 16-Jul-09 18:09:10

hi everyone,
i was just wondering if anyone could give me advice or stories about using natural progesterone cream to cure or combat short luteal phase. has anyone used it successfully after ovulation? or unsuccessfully? i have brown spotting every month for about the last year or so, 5 days before af begins. i just know it is the reason i have trouble conceiving another child. hope you can help.

Thandeka Thu 16-Jul-09 18:35:38

I used it but only for one day on 10DPO (as that was the day it was delivered!) and that was the month I fell pregnant (after 6 months ttc and 10-12day luteal phase! (unfortunately ended in MMC at 10 weeks but then fell again and now 11 weeks and all going fine (fingers crossed).

Anyhow I have a bottle full (well minus about 5 squirts) which am happy to pass on if you wanted to send me an SAE. Email me on thandekatotango AT hotmail DOT com

Ailz Fri 17-Jul-09 09:58:23

THanks Thandeka. i have two jars of it already thanks. ordered it months ago and began agnus castus and other natural herbs, so i stopped the progesterone because they cancel each other out apparently.
sorry about your mc but delighted to hear it is all going well now. congrats!

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