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rubbish at this, tell me what to do to get number 2...

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OnlyWantsOne Tue 14-Jul-09 22:34:54

I have one DD who is 3 in Oct, have had 2 MC since her birth - trying to concieve number 2,

My cycle is 24 days, and I ovulatd on day 12 / 13, DP and I did the duty thing - which was last Saturday - so when do i test to get an accurate result?

It's now CD22 - I'm having symptoms, but I wonder if they are in my head, sore boobs - sickness, any idea???

Please reply asap as I'm melting in my own head

OnlyWantsOne Tue 14-Jul-09 23:30:21


summerblock Tue 14-Jul-09 23:45:01

hi onlywantsone .. Not v experienced on these things but want u to know I'm here .. The general advice is to hold out as long as you can before taking hpt .. Easier said than done I know! .. You have similar symptoms to me ... I'm due af on Sunday but keeping my fingers crossed I'll get a BFP .. After having a m/c at 12 weeks in may 09 .. some hpt's are able to detect hcg levels in your wee earlier than others so if you can't hold out then I would suggest getting one of them .. Fingers crossed for you xx

OnlyWantsOne Wed 15-Jul-09 08:40:02

Im waiting to test on Friday - so shall we wait til the weekend together?

Ive got tummy ache, but ive had an upset tummy two mornings in a row, think thats why.

symptom spotting now -

really hot all night like I was with DD1
heavy painful boobs
waives of nausia all day (unless im eating jaffa cakes then i seem ok)


I have tested yesterday with a ebay cheapie test, are hey any good? it was BFN but was CD22 out of a normally 24/25 length one.

Good luck to you summerblock x

summerblock Wed 15-Jul-09 12:47:15

hi onlywantsone ... Keep eating them Jaffa cakes hun! .. And the symptoms sound hopeful ... I'm keeping positive for you. It's probably too early to take a hpt so try not to be too disappointed . The best one is the clearblue digital- so I've heard. I buckled under the pressure this am and took a test and got a bfn but l used a cheap one and am hoping it's too soon !

I'm with you till Sunday x ... and beyond if it's not our month this time then here's hoping it won't be too much longer x

OnlyWantsOne Wed 15-Jul-09 22:31:11

ive bought a digital clearblue one, and some first responce ones. Do you really think its too early to test? Ive just worked out its 11 days post ovulation (and deeds) and now CD 25 - normally 24

summerblock Wed 15-Jul-09 23:05:44

... The advice is to wait at least a couple of days after taking hpt b4 taking another .. If af still hasn't arrived I would try then ... I did a cheap one this am and will wait till the weekend now before testing again ... I will get a clearblue aswell . Im on cd24 and normally have af on 24 - 28 . R u still having possible symptoms? ... This is painfully hard isn't it! ... I felt dizzy earlier, but hadn't eaten, and boobs are hurting .. I have had a right old headache aswell .. If these are af symptoms then I hope the witch just puts in the appearance soon !! ... Can't stand the suspense!! How are the jaffacakes going? .. Hang in there .. How r u feeling?, r u gonna wait till the weekend to test? X

OnlyWantsOne Thu 16-Jul-09 08:31:04

tested this morning with a FR - got a BFN, going to wait til the weekend to test again - if AF hasnt arrived.

Grrrr having loads of symptoms - how about you?

Run out of jaffa cakes, not good, and now about to take DD to a soft play centre for a mum meet up, not good on that front either, all my friends have 2 or 3 kids and dont seem to have any problems getting in the family way.

summerblock Thu 16-Jul-09 18:54:48

hi sorry u didn't get the result u wanted this am ... But still no af? .. I'll keep positive for u until/if she arrives ... I think u should treat yourself to Jaffacakes ... I've felt a bit dizzy today but was starving at the time ... Have had the odd sharp pain in my right side ... Might be kidding myself it's implantation pain!?! .. No other symptoms .. I'm waiting till the weekend aswell .. Have clearblue ready .. If af comes I will dust it off next month! .. Fingers crossed for you x

I hope the group went ok earlier? I work with children so it's tough when it seems everyone is having babies except me!! ... It was really tough after the m/c ... We will get there .. Really hope its this month for us though ... X

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