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Should I buy a Clearblue Fertility Monitor? Can you get them second hand?

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frazzledgirl Tue 14-Jul-09 19:49:23

Hi, prob silly questions but DH and I are about to start TTCing our second (once the Mirena's been located and removed, but that's another story).

Have had some good advice from lovely people on this board already, but looking at some of the threads I'm tempted by a CBFM, not least because although I'd be delighted with either, I secretly would so love a girl (have a fabulous DS already smile).

So what I'm wondering is:
1. Are CBFM really that good?
2. Could I use them with the Shettles method or similar?
3. Given the enormous cost and my skintness, can you buy them secondhand?


engelbart Tue 14-Jul-09 20:16:49

I have one! Yes you can buy them second hand - I got mine off ebay for a very reasonable price. The testing sticks (depending on your cycle you need 10-20 a month) can be pricey but you can buy these cheap from ebay,amazon and online chemists.

They really help you get to know your cycle. So you know when you're about to ovulate and when you are ovulating etc. If you're anything like me I used to obsess that I wasn't ovulating and the machine has taken this worry away (of course I still have many others, being a complete hypochondriac smile)

I'm not familiar with the shettles method, is that where you try to determine the sex of a baby by avoiding sex on peak days to avoid having a boy and having sex after you ovulate for a girl? (I could have made that all up....) I conceived my dd the day after my peak so I think there can be something in it.

Where is your mirena coil? <nosey emotion> has it got lost....!

frazzledgirl Tue 14-Jul-09 20:34:15

Interesting, engel - yes, Shettles is about timing I think although I find the whole thing v confusing... need to do some more reading.

Mirena: wish I bloody knew. It's gone walkabout! Still there acc to scan, just not where it should be. Stupid thing.

How much was your monitor, if you don't mind my being nosey?

engelbart Tue 14-Jul-09 20:42:59

I got it for £40 on ebay! I think they normally sell in Boots for about £100 so a good saving... There are always loads up for sale on ebay as well.

Hope the coil turns up soon.. What will they have to do to get it out, a small operation? Bet you can't wait to get it out so you can get started!

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