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2WW - Those who are going to test 26th July????

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Ladylou83 Mon 13-Jul-09 22:17:19

Im just starting my 2WW, anybody want to join me in playing the waiting game?

Already I'm sympton spotting, and desperate to buy a HPT (actually really desperate).

grin grin grin

Such an exciting time, and so nerve wracking at the same time!

Need some help keeping my feet on the ground for the next 2 weeks.....HELP! (please)

blahdiblahblah Tue 14-Jul-09 15:24:00

your mind can play tricks on you hey?
I just ate a slice of toast with syrup on it!
I haven't done that since I was at school, so I am certain it is a sign! hmm

thehuntress Tue 14-Jul-09 16:01:47

I'm testing on the 24th. I've felt nauseous for the last few days. Not major, just slight and also mild headache. I think my mind is playing tricks on me because isn't this WAY too early for symptoms....

Anyway, i'm with you Ladylou!

fifisboys Tue 14-Jul-09 17:34:51

I'm with you!!
Well i'll be testing from around 22nd at the earliest.

ttc ~3..i have 2 ds's age 3.3 and 20 months. This is my first month at ttc, we were originally waiting until march next year to try as we are getting married in june..but thought we'd have a go now and see what happens grin

I've also had headaches/sickly feelings and im really tired but i think it has something to do with a bug ive recently is too early for symptoms isn't it?? wink

boodleboot Tue 14-Jul-09 21:22:03

ooh ooh ooh i'm with you too...grin

26th wil be cd29 and i will therefore be 1day late. i have a digital clearblue at the ready and really don't want to ever buy another one so i am not going to test until i absolutely cannot bear it anymore....23rd absolutely earliest....i will try and hold out til 26th tho....heres hoping for some BFP's smile

mampam Wed 15-Jul-09 13:44:06

Can I come aboard too?

26th July should be the first day of AF, so providing it doesn't arrive I'll be testing too. Gonna try and hold out til then.

I've have lots of symptoms like sore boobs, nipples have got bigger, I'm dog tired, IBS is playing up (normally only happens just before AF) and am having waves of nausea, but to be honest with you these could all be symptoms of AF so I'm trying not to read too much into it. It's only our first cycle of ttc so I know there's a slim chance but I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway and for everyone else too. smile

pigleychez Thu 16-Jul-09 10:48:09

Just lurking here really.

Thinking I may be pregnant..getting stomach cramps, sore boobs, lower back ache, hot flushes... all the same as with my DD. ( who's 11mths)
Trouble is I havent been keeping track of my periods as we werent properly ttc. No idea when AF is due, if im already late etc and no idea when to test for the best result.
Was just seeing what symptoms everyone else was having.

You think I should know this but first time round was planned and I knew my cycle back to front and inside out!

Hope you girls get some nice BFP's

mampam Fri 17-Jul-09 08:47:21

Hi I'm just wondering how everyone else is getting on? My HPT's are calling me from the bathroom cabinet but so far I've resisted temptation.

Yesterday I had cramps in my tummy which felt like AF was about to come with a few stabbing pains in there too???hmm

Still getting waves of nausea but usually after I've eaten something so I could just have a tummy bug. I have been eating breakfast though, which I never do, because I feel strange until I've eaten something. I'm a weirdo I know!!

Oh the joys of symptom spotting!!!!smile

boodleboot Sat 18-Jul-09 11:01:55

well i caved.....tested with cheapie last two mornings which of course would be negative as AF not due til 26th....durrr. needless to say after much scrutiny there was no lines to speak of...howver i do actually believe that i am having some symptoms. My boobs are heavy and tingly....i am more 'aware' of them IYKWIM and i have definitely felt nauseous for last couple of days first thing in the morning....

i really think this could be the very very excited....wil continute to test every morning with the cheapie amazon ones but save my digital clear blue til either i see some kind of line (please or it is the 26th....

fingers crossed for you lot too... how are you all doing with the wait?? grin

mampam Sat 18-Jul-09 11:28:10

On Thursday I went food shopping and packed my bags to heavily trying to lift them into the trolley and the car was agony. My belly really hurt after that and all night at work I was convinced I was about to come on, although AF is not due until 26th.

Didn't have much of a nauseous feeling yesterday. I think I feel more hungry than nauseous in general. Like that feeling you get when you haven't eaten anything all day and you've got to eat something right then and there to stop that horrible feeling.

On the other hand I am getting spotty like I do just before just before AF arrives!!

Don't think it's gonna be a bfp this month, I just don't feel pregnant.

Boodle will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ladylou83 Sun 19-Jul-09 23:58:45 many of us, yey!!!

I swear im winding myself up over testing... I also caved 4 days ago and did 2 cheapies, which as expectd gave a BFN!

I dont get it, one minute I feel sick to the core and light headed with it, oh and not forgetting the mild headache too. The next minute I am normal. I just dont get it? Am I allowing myself to think I am, or am I?

Mampam, its my first cycle of trying to conceive too. I work with two other women who conceived on their first try (lucky them), daily I get the "He just has to look at me, and Im preggers" comments, oh joy!

grrrrrr.....6 days to go. Oh but the 26th is payday for me, so maybe it could be double payday.

Fingers crossed for us all xx

mampam Mon 20-Jul-09 09:25:44

Ladylou, that's exactly how it is for me. One minute I'm feeling sick and thinking to myself 'there is definitely no mistaking it, I'm pg', the next I feel totally normal and thinking 'there's no way'.

I already have a dd (9) and a ds(6). With dd I didn't 'feel' pg until I missed AF and just 'knew' I was. With ds I 'knew' I was before I missed AF because my sense of smell was heightened. I don't remember having any other symptoms at all until way after AF came. So now I find myself sniffing everything hoping that I can smell something that no-one else can!! Stupid I know.

fifisboys Mon 20-Jul-09 10:22:24 exactly the same...i done a fr and cheap test this morning..both bfn sad...i know its probably still too early but im really letting it get me down sad

mampam Mon 20-Jul-09 14:36:21

fifi, don't let it get you down. I know it's frustrating having to wait and patience certainly isn't one of my virtues!

You originally said you were going to test on the 22nd, thats Wednesday, so only 2 more days to go. Are you still getting any symptoms?

mampam Mon 20-Jul-09 14:40:39

fifi, don't let it get you down. I know it's frustrating having to wait and patience certainly isn't one of my virtues!

You originally said you were going to test on the 22nd, thats Wednesday, so only 2 more days to go. Are you still getting any symptoms?

mampam Mon 20-Jul-09 14:41:49

Sorry for double post, don't know what happened there?!!! blush

ilovecrispsandwiches Mon 20-Jul-09 16:16:32

can i be nosy and join in please? blush

i want to test this week (on the 22nd it will be 2 months since my last AF- which was 22nd-25th of may! i refused to buy a test until yesterday because i've seen too many bfns since ttc began in january. i came off the pill in dec and i suppose i wasted a alot of tests by naievly (SP!)thinking that i would not be one of the ones who has long messed up cycles after stopping the pill

anyway i bought 2 cheapy (2 for a quid @ £ shop! ha) tests yesterday after having giant burning boobs since last week and also peeing more than normal. i get pains now and then like i will come on, but these have happened since my due 22nd june period. i've also had a few random pukings/nausea here and there ~at one point considered swine flu as i am in denial about finally being preg hehe

i ameven more scared to test because i am in the process of buying a house- and have just found out that it may not actually happen now then i will be truly buggered so i am sticking my head in the sand.

i may join fifi and test on the 22nd- but i will have to persuade myself a bit more cause of nerves. my poor bf has wanted me to test since day one but i am fed up of basically weeing on my money for nothing grin

i really hope that you all get some exciting news soon, it won't hurt to do just one test now will it wink
you all deserve to be pleasantly surprised! i will be checking back to see if any of you have new news. good luck!

fifisboys Mon 20-Jul-09 16:21:41

mampam - Im still sickly on/off and have sore boobs..nothing else really..have been getting a few niggly cramps but that could be anything!!

Im trying not to let it get me down..i feel so down about it coz if it doesnt happen this month i have to wait till march time to try angain because of my wedding and thats so frustrating as well..

ilovecrisps - I dont know how you can resist the urge...i feel like a serial tester atm grin

must1be1mad Mon 20-Jul-09 16:25:16

Can i join? Am driving myself mad trying to spot symptoms... all could be my imagination.

I have one son who is two and a half.

af is due 27th ish. I have been able to squeeze a tiny drop of liquid out of my boob, but not sure if this means anything... not breastfed for 2 years so it does seem odd, but not usually in habit of squeezing boobs (which are obviously tender now!) as only second month of ttc.

doesn't all this drive you bananas?

ilovecrispsandwiches Mon 20-Jul-09 16:40:23

mustbemad hope your leaky boob is a good sign. me too i think i make mine sorer than they already were by stretching them to see/feel the soreness/lumps haha! something i don't do normally. my boobs have never hurt this bad whenever i was due on before which is weird. i always have had veiny 'road map' like boobs and chest so cannot count that as a symptom hehe.

fifi- if i had not been saving desperately in time for moving house then i would have carried on serial testing grin
i have since found poundshop tests which i don't feel as guilty about wasting.
i hope you get the (hopefully early?)wedding present that you and your dp want- that would be lovely!

i am wondering whether to test in the morning but i do not want to potentially find out 30 mins before i have to go to work. i would get nothing done if it was a bfp! and i would be a sulky cow if it is bfn. meh angry

mampam Mon 20-Jul-09 16:53:37

ilovecrisps, how on earth have you resisted the temptation to test. OMG you have got some serious stamina, there is no way I would be able to wait that long. Your bf must be going crazy with anticipationwink.Good luck when you do test on Wednesday and let us know how you get on.

fifi, yes like me, your symptoms aren't 100% conclusive and could be put down to something else but you never know so i'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us!!

must1 as you can see it's driving us all bananas. grin Mainly because of the waiting game.
Squeezing liquid out of your boob is a bit strange and I wouldn't have thought it is a normal thing unless.......? Will keep my fingers crossed for you too. Keep us posted.

Off to a wedding on Friday. Really don't think I'm pg this time but I think I'm going to test on Friday morning just in case because inevitably I'll be having a drink or two(or more) at the wedding. This will be CD29 and was going to test on Saturday morning anyway (unless AF came before that).
Not as bloated as I normally am when AF is about to arrive. A sign????

ilovecrispsandwiches Tue 21-Jul-09 14:19:05

i caved in last night and had to test (well i wimped out and left my bf with a pot of pee to do it himself! how kind of me- not) grin

it was positive! it came up in about 3 seconds and also i did a non cheapy to confirm. ahhh why am i shocked/scared?!
as it is what we both wanted. i will go to see the doctor this afternoon. they sounded annoyed with me on the phone about the fact i've not tested sooner hehe
i feel so rude to butt in on this thread now BUT i have a good feeling that we will see a few more bfp's here in the near future so i am going to stick around and cheer you all on smile

mampam i think you should test friday instead of saturday. alot of the things you wrote that you were feeling were spot on with what i have been feeling, so fingers crossed!

if anyone wants me to post them my spare other test then let me know and i will post it to you asap! it's only a dippy one but obv works ok! an extra test never did any harm eh?
good luck girls! thank you all

sky27 Tue 21-Jul-09 15:18:23

Hi all, I came off bc on the 1st July, Af arrived on the 6th. I am having symptoms similar to the ones you have all highlighted - sore boobs, headaches, tummy and back pains. Tested yesterday got a bfn Don't know if it's too early?!?!

sky27 Tue 21-Jul-09 15:19:01

Good luck all btw!

ilovecrispsandwiches Tue 21-Jul-09 15:35:24

hi sky! i hope that your symptoms are for the right reason grin
i just want to reassure you though about finishing bc and normal periods. the symptoms you described are also cruelly what happen often after stopping the pill/injection/whatever.
i have googled this many times since i stopped the pill in jan, i thought i would never get a normal period again and had the symptoms you were getting. think it was where i had not experienced a normal cycle and forgot what pmt did to me.

i am wishing that you are one of the lucky ones that has a 'fertility boost' after stopping bc, that is quite common too. i was too impatient and assumed i would be one of those women

well sorry i have rambled on. just wanna say good luck and it will really help for you to write your period details down on a calendar, starting with your 6th july af. it is reassuring to see a pattern slowly form

good luck
let us know when you will test next

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