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Why Am I Spotting?!?! Please help.

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sevans Mon 13-Jul-09 14:52:12

I am new to Mumsnet and this is my first post. My last period started on June 25 and I finished my last pack of the pill then because DH and I planned to start trying. We pretty much have been trying everyday from July 2. When on the pill I had a normal 28 day cycle so my best guess was July 9 would be my ovulation date. I have PCOS so there is a BIG chance that I didn't even ovulate. My next period should start July 23 but who knows what will happen now that I am off the pill. My PCOS causes me to have very irregular periods without the pill.

Anyway, now to my question! I started spotting this past Friday, the 10th, and continued to have spotting Saturday and Sunday. I've never spotted between periods before and I have no idea what it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 13-Jul-09 15:52:51

Spotting between periods should be investigated further to ascertain the cause. Its often not serious but it is worth getting this checked out anyway by the GP.

I would think that your periods will become very irregular again due to PCOS. Do not even think about ovulation dates and timing of intercourse - make love instead when you both feel like it.

It may be that you will need some medical assistance from a gynae in order to conceive.

You may find Verity's website helpful with regards to PCOS as well.

sevans Mon 13-Jul-09 16:18:26

Thanks Attila. My mom also said I should contact my doctor so maybe I will call. Going forward, because of my PCOS, I figure DH and I should TTC around four times a week every week.

I actually go to a reproductive endocrinologist yearly for a checkup as well as my gyn. Last time I saw my endocrinologist we talked about babies and she set forth a plan for me. She told me when ready to conceive, finish a pack of birth control and then start trying immediately. If after three months I am not pregnant and did not get three periods, go back and see her because I am probably not ovulating. I'm guessing the next step would be Clomid. For what it is worth, I have a mild case of PCOS. I'm crossing my fingers that we wont have a terrible time conceiving.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 13-Jul-09 17:16:23

I would call the doc and ask further about the spotting. Don't leave it.

Are you American by chance - I saw the word Mom used in your post hence me asking.

PCOS is a very individualistic disorder and affects each woman with it very differently. Would not describe it as "mild" although symptoms can and do vary a lot.

sevans Mon 13-Jul-09 18:15:27

Yes, I am American.

I just got off the phone with the nurse. She said the spotting could either be hormonal or due to ovulation . If I still have spotting on Wednesday, I am to call back.

Thanks for your help, Attila!

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