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Am I just rubbish at charting? Also, folic acid question.

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frazzledgirl Sat 11-Jul-09 11:40:23

I plan to have my Mirena removed next week and start TTCing asap after that.

I've been trying to do temperature charts over the last few days just to see if I can spot a pattern before we start (would like to at least try to TTC a girl, since this would be our second and last child and we have a DS - obv happy just to have a second DC of either sex, though).

I'm taking my temp within half an hour of 6am every morning, but the temp varies by as much as a degree or even two.

What should it be? Is time so important?

Also, how long do you need to take folic acid for before TTC? I think I took it for about two months last time but can't really remember.

TIA smile

Thandeka Sat 11-Jul-09 12:07:03

Do you have a thermometer with at least 1d.p or even 2d.p? (its doesnt really matter which). Your temps do vary but perhaps not as much by 1 or 2 degress- have you been sleeping with your mouth open? Had alchohol the night before? Disturbed nights sleep (eg. wee in the middle of the night?) all of those will affect your temps.

I think a few days is way too little time to see a pattern - keep it going through out the month and see what pattern emerges for you. It may take a while as I believe Mirena has hormones in it so perhaps ovulation may take a while to go back to normal?

Good luck though.

On the folic acid front- so long as your are taking it while TTC you should be fine- some people reccomend 3months before but remember that is 3 months delay in TTC which is rubbish and you may not catch in the first 3 months anyway so your body soon has folic acid reserves.

Good luck!

P.S Use to record your data- it even works out your ovulation for you- is great!

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