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Newbie on the block!

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Fabian79 Fri 10-Jul-09 21:34:54

Hi Ladies

My name is Natalie and i have had my Implanon implant removed today (ouch!) blimmin hurts now! So now we are on the road of TTC. at last

So I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all of you and I hope I enjoy my stay here!

any tips are welcome; I have already had a lot of conflicting advice so some real good advice would be great!!


Ladylou83 Mon 13-Jul-09 22:39:23

Hi Natalie

Emma here, also new to this and now TTC. Its so duanting, but so very exciting at the same time.

Good Luck smile

Trying4Baby1 Fri 17-Jul-09 21:02:34

Hi Fabian and ladylou, I've just started TTC aswell. I was on the pill for over 6 years so really dreading my periods starting again and hoping I get pregnant quickly.

Don't really have much tips as I'm new to this myself but you should start taking folic acid supplements daily if your TTC. You're supposed to take them for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy too.

Cut down on smoking, drinking and caffine. I've quit smoking, and it was always really difficult before but now I have a really good reason it seems a lot easier, that's not to say I don't still have cravings cause I do! I think as long as you have a healthy diet that helps and keep a note of exactly when you start your period each month as that can help to figure out when your fertile.

Glad there's some people in the same boat as me and new to this and good luck to you both!

sayanything Fri 17-Jul-09 21:56:35

Hello, hello, can I barge in on your thread please?

Started ttc last month and actually had a BFP which unfortunately didn't stick, but we're hoping for better luck next time.

Fabian, I second the advice for folic acid. My gynae just told me to take 400mcg daily in addition to my normal multivit.

Trying4Baby1, I quit smoking a couple of years ago, but I still get the occasional craving. I just remind myself that I'm a non-smoker now and let the craving sort of wash over me. It was really hard, but one of the best decisions I ever made.

Good luck to us all!

Trying4Baby1 Fri 17-Jul-09 22:11:31

Hi sayanything. Got bad cravings just now, always seem to be worse when DH is working and I'm stuck in the house myself. Only good thing is the nearest shop is about three miles away so it stops me nipping out for a packet.

Determined to stop cause DH doesn't smoke so I know it's not nice for him and obviously don't want to be smoking when pregnant. Want the best start for baby plus there's a history of asthma and allergies in my family.

sayanything Fri 17-Jul-09 22:21:24

Don't do it T4B1!

I know it sounds terribly unglamorous, but I started knitting when I quit, because I really needed something to do with my hands when I was at home in the evening watching telly. Still can't knit anything other than scarves blush. Or you could try origami, there are free tutorials online and newspaper works well.

Just remember that it gets easier every day. And that if you give in and smoke, you'll have to go through that horrible first day after giving up again...

Trying4Baby1 Fri 17-Jul-09 22:50:06

I know! I've gone a week now without anything and here's no way I'll be starting again! That's part of the reason I'm online tonight as well anything to distract me. I just have to keep in mind that I will hopefully have a little person on board soon and they don't have a choice in smoking. It's actually made it a lot easier to deal with the cravings as I've tried to quit before and it's not worked.

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