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Anyone Had BFP 6 days early from First Response?

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earplugs Thu 09-Jul-09 12:40:10

Just wondered if it really is possible to get a positive result this early, has anyone ever experienced this?

I know it must be better to wait but every month I leap out of bed to get that first morning wee 5 days before AF is due after convincing myself that the PMT symptoms are pregnancy. It hasn't happened yet though

wasabipeanut Thu 09-Jul-09 13:28:11

You know, every time I see that advert I think "bollocks" to myself.

It may be technically possible to get an accurate result 6 days before a period is due but it is exceedingly unlikely as First Response have to admit in their instructions. It is just a way of getting emotionally vulnerable women to pay a bloody fortune for pg tests.

Davidsmom Thu 09-Jul-09 16:10:51

I got a faint positive 5 days early with 1st response x2 on same morning. Ultra early internet cheapies positive 2 days later and a clear blue digital another day. was a bit hooked on seeing that line getting darker blush Also was going on a hen weekend day I tested and wanted to see if I could drink or not!

Was temping, OPKg and clearblue monitoring so pretty sure of OV date.

But do think its a bit naughty of 1st response as the box makes out you will get a result- only when you read the small print that they admit its not guaranteed accurate that early.... after you have bought it!

Joy27 Thu 09-Jul-09 16:13:09

I agree wasabi (hello, by the way). That way lies disappointment. There's also the risk that a v v early pregnancy won't "catch"- so your bfp might disappear, hence more heartache.

PLUS- and this is the key thing for me- once you get your BFP, time crawls by soooo slooowly until the all-important 12 week mark- why add another week to your anguish?
I waited til I was ten days late to test.

That's my advice... don't waste your money!

earplugs Thu 09-Jul-09 22:55:40

Thanks ladies,its a bad habit that I really must stop and know I'm being ripped off as they are so much more expensive that the 'own brand' tests. I also didn't realise
until I read the leaflet in detail that the accuracy of testing that early is very low so you'd probably end up having to test again later on as Davidsmom did just for reassurance or hoping that the first negative was wrong (as I always do!)

I never thought about it that way Joy27, and I guess anything can happen in those first 12 weeks so adding another week to find out all is OK probably isn't such a good idea anyway.

Why is it so hard to resist doing those things we know are not good for us!

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