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Persona question - can anyone help PLEASE?

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Bella23 Wed 18-May-05 11:27:25

I have been using Persona for a few months and seen the "O" symbol on about day 14. Now this month I have used all the tests and not seen the "O" symbol yet, does this mean it won't appear as I have no more testing to do or will it still show me an "O" perhaps tomorrow?

The thing is I did a clearblue digital OPK yesterday and got a positie face so was expecting to see the "O" on my persona this morning??

I am desperately TTC so am worried that it means that I am not ovulating this month.....YIKES!

Can anyone help please?

Bella23 Wed 18-May-05 11:38:31


MINNIE1 Wed 18-May-05 12:34:46

I would go with the clearblue and get at it like rabbits,

Bella23 Wed 18-May-05 12:54:25

Thanks Minnie - that's what I am going to do anyhow, just a bit confused by Persona

Catbert Wed 18-May-05 12:58:03

I think if the machine is not 100% sure it won't show.

Remember that although the persona device is useful for conceiving - it is sold as a contraception, so will err on the side of caution.

Go with the clearblue...

Bella23 Wed 18-May-05 13:03:52

Catbert - that sounds like sensible advice
I reckon my main fear was that there was a chance that I didn't ovulate but that can't be the case because of the cleablue digital right ??

bambi06 Wed 18-May-05 13:19:59

it wont show any moe amber lights to test as you`ve used all the tests and its only programmed to accept so many tests

munz Wed 18-May-05 18:49:09

bella - answered ur question on the other thread, same thing's hapened to me this month. BD anyways girl!

Steppy1 Wed 18-May-05 19:24:26

....I also found that as I had a =n extremely long cycle and like mentioned before hadn't ovulated when "testing" then there were a good few months when I showed that I didn't ovulate ...but as we were using as "Time to conceive" rather than contraception then I'd say go with the Clearblue.......Good luck ! (wink)

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